BoA is Back with ” LOVE LETTER “


our lovely 20 years old korean singer BoA is preparing for another Ballad single for Japan by the upcoming Spetmeper. The singles intitled ” LOVE LETTER ” which will be the main song for the single and includes ” Diamond Heart ” the song from Toshiba’s mobiles CM and “Beautiful Flowers” the theme song for the Japanese baseball team, Yokohama BayStars.

The song ” LOVE LETTER ” was written by BoA herself with Natsumi Watanabi, the writer behind alot of BoA’s hits like Everlating, Winter Love and Dakishimeru. The composer Yoko Kuzuya is known as the one who made us DO THE MOTION and SONG WITH NO NAME, and in another term he was behind the Ballad hit of the 24 years old pop singer Koda Kumi’s ” YOU “.

The single will come in CD + DVD and CD version and the press limited edition contains another wintery version for LOVE LETTER and it will be released at 19/9/2007


4 Responses to BoA is Back with ” LOVE LETTER “

  1. karimu says:

    I’m really exited for this single!

    I haven’t been exited like this since Winter Love.. and I was right!! To be honest, I’m mostly exited about Beautiful Flowers lol

    too bad I can’t buy the single now, since we’re probably going to Algeria… yet, I can buy it there! 😀

  2. aizmov says:

    me too, Beautiful Flowers sounds nice from the preview, but i’m really looking forward to LOVE LETTER, better for BoA to be match of my taste lol XD

  3. nes says:

    for me ,, i have a great and bad feeling !!!!

    i don’t like the name XD

  4. aizmov says:

    the name is unoriginal but the composer makes me jumpiiiiiiiiiing

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