One Single Tear ~ Day 06 ~

One Signle Tear Day 06 ~ Sing a Song for Life ~

Theme Song : Song With No Name / BoA

Part3: today my brother bought a new TV, SUPER TV, i know this is not intersting but what is intersting is can you imagen how many of us were the one holding it 😛 ?!!! 10 lol, imagen 10 people trying to lift a TV lol, was funny how we got tired at the end XD


6 Responses to One Single Tear ~ Day 06 ~

  1. nes says:

    hmm..something 4 BoA and since ur theme is “Song With No Name ” it must it !!!i don’t know >< ..but heeey sing until u get tired ,, have a great cup of green tea then sing again XD~

    about part 2 : as i said i can tell u anything in the future until i die and i won’t get tired repeating it ^^ and it would be fun , cuz i can say lies too .. wouldn’t that be fun !! about .. jung ..ticket XD
    no KIDDING , I’m not given up on u !!!!

    congrats on ur TV ,, maybe I’ll stop by to watch something cuz it must be a plasma since it’s so freaking big XD

  2. aizmov says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOO IT IS NOT song with no name:P
    but yes its for BoA:P
    let the others try:P

    what you will tell me that Hung is my friend:P
    and yeah about the ticket i will write in the dairy:P
    this is a ticket for KNSEE, and i will not give it to her:P

    come come it’s freaking BIG:P
    now playing games seems MUCH better than my old Plasma screen:P

  3. QUEENOO says:

    For part 2

    We wont give up on you even if you do that or only think of it coz I’ll come with the “AL-AGRAH”  just like baseball bat

  4. aizmov says:

    i know what AGRAH is 😛
    and come i have another AGRAH XD

  5. QUEENOO says:

    i know that you know AGRAH but the non saudian wont know

    dont worry REMOOOO will help she will teach me some moves

  6. aizmov says:

    she surly will !!!

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