Shimatani Hitomi – Neva Eva

Neva Eva by Shimatani Hitomi

Neva Eva is Hitomi’s 25th single, it ranked #22 on Oricon Singles Charts but was able to hit the top 10 on the Radio & Airplay Charts. It Sold 10,000 copies approximately making it one of Hitmoi’s least successful singles commercially.

1-Neva Eva2-Hakuchuumu
3-Neva Eva (Instrumental)
4-Hakuchuumu (Instrumental)

This is a whole new style for Hitomi, much like her previous single “Dragonly” which was Rock themed. The song can be described as an Upbeat Jazzy song, it’s very fun, danceable & cute at the same time. It was use as the theme song for Nippon Television’s “Wrestling 2007”
Rating: 8/10

Hakuchuumu or “Daydream” is a nice song with tropical feeling , a good B-Side for Neva Eva.
Rating: 7/10




A nice single, nothing really special, Neva Eva could’ve been an Album track!if she released プラハの女 (from her last Album) as a single, it would be much much better :p







*thx to beyond the sea for the link & banner





2 Responses to Shimatani Hitomi – Neva Eva

  1. Omar says:

    OMG your blog changed into something else :PP

    no, seriuoslly… i rove it these days XDDD

    btw.. neva eva looks great after all whatddya said before .. << Dail-Up Vectims 😦

    i’ll try to download it.. jazz rock togather? i rove it!

    <<< listening to Kelly’s Miss Independent XD waiting for Fadel’s Call XDDDD

  2. Omar says:


    i love her song! truly!..

    thanks, karu-Sama >.>”

    * u should mark your blogging with ur name 😛

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