5 Years of Memories ~ THE DOOR ~

5 Years of Memories ~ THE DOOR ~


LOL, here we are, again with another picture of the 5 Years of memories, BUT THIS TIME WITH A DOOR… lol this door has a funny story behind it, early this year I was visiting my friend muhammed, and when I finished with them I decided to go home, after I went out I noticed this door and the sign attached to it ” EMPLOYEES ONLY”  I smiled, and then I heard my friend’s voice, I was like ” DUH, I am imagining ” I picked up my shoes and then someone opened that door, and said ” COME ON GUYS WE HAVE TO …….. ” he stunned and start staring at me, I raise my head and saw him and got shocked, HE IS MY FRIEND Raed, we kept staring for a while about 3 mins even the guys inside got suspicious, when they asked him he opened the door, and there was Hamad and Fahad in there, Fahad ” the room owner ” was shocked that I found his place all the sudden so he asked Raed to close the door, I brust out the hell of myself from laughing at this situation, just thinking of forgetting about it makes me sick, but still one of the BEST


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