Boajjang BEST

after i put a post in Boajjang about me leaving soon i got some touching replies, they are surely will keep me holding up for the upcoming days ^__^;

Korea’s Greatest:

(( hey! im not gonna sound sad and all because you know no what? i feel encouraged and blessed to see that even with your illness you are still happy, still enthusiastic, many people will be saying, “yeah…i dont no what else to do..” but you are facing this head on with a smile on your face.
however, please do not believe that you’ll forget people…dont say that you’ll forget people/things in advanced, yes the doctor said so, but don’t believe in it…don’t admit defeat before it happens. hold on to a little bit of hope even if its the smallest bit of strand you wouldnt be able to see.
i can tell that you’re a strong person just by your attitude and your emotions. it amazes. its people like you that i am amazed about. enthusiastic, kinda happy go lucky, even though things are about to happen to them! you have encouraged to me take a step foward out of my comfort zone, to face things head on instead of letting things go by as life goes. thank you for that.
i will keep you in my prayers and hopefully, no; im pretty certain that you will come out of this very well. ))

touching, overwhilming, THE BEST, this post gonna make me hold up every time i read it


(( Multiple Sclerosis…wow. Yes amnesia is fairly common with MS as it attacks your nervous system and your muscles. Sometimes it is temporary, sometimes it is permanent. My cousin has MS and he is turning 20 very soon and he is still able to lift things and remember things. Although there is no cure for MS, you can definitely overcome the effects of it if you stay strong and keep up with your medicenes.
Doctors can tell you what may happen, but that doesn’t mean it will happen, my cousin is proof of that. They said he would have to stay in a wheelchair all his life when he got very sick 2 years ago, but he is walking on his own, and still keeps happy. ))

he knows what my disease all about, it’s nice to know there are people know about MS, hope what you are saying is true dude and i can surpass this



im gonna lyk cryy sad.gif
see when amnesia came up i always thought aout dory or something lol
and i always forget about the seriousness about it
by the end of this year u COULD go into critical condition
but u could get better
FIGHTING**!!!!!!!!!!! ))

and for that i’m FIGHTING, i won’t give up 🙂

soul dream:


First Of All We Are A Family. As A Family We BoA Fans Stick Together Like When BoA’s Going To An Award Show And Theres Alot Fans There Gathered JUST FOR HER And As Your Brother In BoA I Wish And Hope And Pray That You Will Win This Fight. Your Strong I Can Tell By The Words HEAD STRONG. Don’t Listen To The Doctors You Choose Your Own Destiny And You And ONLY You Can Do This So Best Of Luck Wishes And I’ll Keep You In My Prayers =D ))

Don’t listen to the doctors, lol i stopped listening long time ago XD

Spica and ~subito.piano:

thanks for sharing your prayers with me ;_;


(( wow, if i was in your shoes, i probably won’t be able to handle it as well as you can right now.
i hope you get better. come visit us often and keep in touch. ))

i feel i am not handeling this right, because i am kinda so emo but i didn’t cry since that single tear, but i hope i can keep in touch as long as i can ^__^


you are always make me laugh lol


(( You’re so strong, that’s something you’ve to be proud. You know that we are going to be with you n_n
just keep that power and be positive. Everything can happen in this life and nobody has something sure.
That’s why we need to live the maximun each day. ))

i am living over the maximum these days lol


((  Is that the same disease the girl had in One Litre of Tears?
You’ve got a lot of challenges ahead of you… I wish you best of luck.
I’ll check your blog if you don’t mind.
I read your poem. very touching. ))

i think it’s different i am not sure !!!


(( Aizmov, whatever happens, know that we here at BoAjjang are behind you 100%. I’m sorry to hear that this huge struggle has been dropped on your lap. sad.gif
Whether you do develop amnesia or not, it’s always good to cherish your memories. smile.gif In addition to keeping a diary, you might want to save your e-mails and PM’s–also, make sure to write down your online account user names and passwords. Maybe print out your favorite messages and collect them in a scrapbook, too. Or even print out your blog…anything to keep souvenirs of your life, to bring you happiness in the future.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and please try to relax your mind as much as possible, so that stress won’t make your symptoms worse. Enjoy life as MUCH as you can, cry when you need to (because it helps you smile more in the long run!), and take good care of yourself. You DESERVE it! ))

i am having everything recorded Don’t worry 😀

and once again, THANKS Boajjang guys ^__^


4 Responses to Boajjang BEST

  1. karimu says:

    I didn’t know that BoAjjangers were that emotional O.o’

  2. aizmov says:

    Good people out there ^__^
    i needed this stuff ^__^

  3. Omar says:

    wow, they has pure hearts! i wish they keep visiting and make some comments here and there >.>”

    u’ve got great friends all around fufu-chaaaaan 😀

  4. QUEENOO says:


    They are really supportive …… they encourage me 2 to live my life and enjoy it as much as I can

    Seeeeeeeeeeee you are not alone and there is hope coz and Amaroq`s cousin is the proof sooooooooooo you never know what’s goanna happen

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