DBSK, done it after 2 years of trying


after 2 years of trying, finally the 5 team members broke thier way into the Japanese music with their first 100,000+ copies sold single ” SUMMER ” which contains 3 hit songs one of them is a theme song for one of the most Hit summer Dramas, the 5 team member’s single managed to get #1 along the week but surprisengly Hey! Say! 7 managed to get the #1 spot for the weekly with difference of 10,000 copies ((DUH ORICON))  still DBSK or as known in Japan TohoShinki managed to sell 112771 copies this week which is a remarkable achivment for them ” THANKS FOR THE DURAMA “, congrtas for my friend Ali for this he will be happy lol 😀


11 Responses to DBSK, done it after 2 years of trying

  1. karimu says:

    Oh god, I hate them,, Summer Dream is nice, but the B-Sides just SUCK Hard!!

    anyways, congrats for Ali lol, but they’re already out of top 20 :p

  2. aizmov says:

    yeah they drop really hard, but not to mention this single will make them a place in the yearly top this year

  3. Broken_Dust says:

    lol thanks for the congrtas you two XD , and sure I’m happy, as long as the single pleases the fans that’s enough, and they always please us ❤

    looking on the charts
    day : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
    rank: 1 / 2 / 1 / 1 / 2 / 1 / 11

    someone tell me what happened in day 7.. #11 ?? from #1 to #11 ?? maybe THSK-fans were poisoned at that day, or maybe oricon just sucks.. ohh wait .. “oricon sucks” is a fact lol.

    wonder when Johnny ent. will stop sending lifeless brats for singing?? maybe they’ll keep it up as long as fan girls live, HeySay7’s single is the theme song (OP + ED) for Love Complex anime, gave them a good push over their other huge push, huh.

    I can see why some don’t like “Song For You” though it has great lyrics,, but come-on!! “Love in the Ice” is a perfect masterpiece, gotta love every sec.. hey you can breath it’s alright ❤ this year would have the best A-nation if they sang it, get ready for a flood of tears =P
    btw the single is a Triple A-side.

  4. aizmov says:

    one thing i hate about the single is it’s Tri-A-sided, which means they are going to push it all in the Album moreover thier upcoming single that will release next month is DOUBLE A-side which means now we have ” Loven’ You ” these 3 and the upcoming 2 waaah thier album will be full of Single Songs lol…
    about that Oricon, i told you b4 it will be like a Marical if they got #1, they are Korean, and when BoA made it, the made a BIG PARTY about it, it’s a big deal lol… was expected them to do it, i am sure that DBSK was #1 but they cut thier sales and rounded SayHay7’s, Oricon just sux

  5. aizmov says:

    and sorry, didn’t mention, yeah Karimu, Love in the Ice is the best song in the single, the only thing i keep playing lol XD

  6. nes says:

    i agree with Ali .. i mean i don’t really know much about jp boy bands but i think DBSK is defiantly better than most of them who have same style , voices ….etc .
    at least , if I’m going to like a boy band I’m sure that I’m going to like one with deferent talents … and that’s what Korean bands have and not many jp bands have it XD ~

  7. aizmov says:

    JP Boy bands are wierdo IMO, specialy KAT TUN XD

  8. Broken_Dust says:

    who said they’ll release an album?? albums are over-rated, they’ll keep releasing Double/Triple A-sides, “A” new tactic lol,, j/k =P .. the year is nearly finished anyway I think we’ll get the album after the 13th Single, then they need to rock Korea with an album on the rest few months of the year (need to take best artist 3 years in row!!), and I’ll forgive them for canceling heatwave single T__T

    Glad to hear that ^^

    hmm.. it’s not that JP BoyBands are weird, it’s Johnny Ent. that makes ten new boybands every week from any brat walking on street,, just wait.. the first thing I’ll do when I step on Japan is burning up that company v(^__^)b after that I’ll teach oricon how to count from 1 to 10, and give them some math basics, coz looks like they get mixed up alot.

  9. karimu says:

    hey ali, Boy-Bands & H!P are known for their BIG 1st sales, then their drops in the next few weeks!! I mean, look at all JE groups how they have 200k+ for their singles in the 1st week then you find 250k as a total.

    If that number was for a female artist, she would sell a whole lot more!!

    and for the songs, gonna hear them again.. :p

  10. aizmov says:

    Ali, HELL YEAH ABOUT BRUNING THE COMPANY, make sure that KAT TUN are inside XD…
    and LOOOOOOL at the counting thing, truly, Oricon was surprised that BoA took #1 in 2005 with DO THE MOTION, really surprised lol…

    Karimu, they still sell high -___-, damn fangirls -___-;

  11. Broken_Dust says:

    could be true, but that drop is just fishy >_>

    SURE!! but I’ll let Arashi live for their Drama, though I hate them.
    Do The Motion deserves 1# no one could deny it ^^

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