One Single Tear ~ Day 7 ~

One Single Tear Day 7 ~ M.A.T.H. ~


PART1: I woke up very very early this morning, it’s about 12 am…

I believe I only slept 3 hours but I have to keep myself awake until the MATH exam, I kept studying for more than 8 hours straight that day, at the time of the exam I solved all the questions but I doubt I will be getting more than 50% of the exam because I left the final answers kinda blank or solved by guess lol…


PART2: I went to ALRASHED mall to have lunch and buy the game BRAVE STORY which I will write a preview about it later on when I finish enough playing time… but what’s remarkable about that day is when I got dizzy, so dizzy and was going to fall, maybe I was tired ?!!!


PART3: tomorrow is a big day, VERY BIG DAY, I’m planning to meet my friend Ahmed who came from Ryiadh for me and I will call for Bara and Abdullah with us… hope Bara came back here


5 Responses to One Single Tear ~ Day 7 ~

  1. Omar says:

    loooool yeah u told me last night about the date 😛

    anyway, we need the full detals over here 😛

    hurry up dude! XD

    << he’s in Riyadh, waiting for Fadel.. he will come after tomorrow 😀 i’m gonna diiiieeeeeeeee XD

  2. karimu says:

    you lazy brat!!

    you left the answers blank and went to buy a stupid game !! >.>

  3. aizmov says:

    the answers i left blank was because thier concept linked with MATH101 which i start to forget because of the Amnesia well, at least i did better than what i expected 😀

  4. Omar says:

    yeah yeah <<< been skiped -.-

  5. aizmov says:

    yeah yeah < sure i will write full details

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