One Single Tear ~ Day 9 ~

long but cool entry

One Single Tear Day 9 ~ Happy Days, Still Alive ~

PART2 ~ The Reunion ~

At noon, I decided to get Ahmed and the other guys left in here to have lunch all together, Abdullah, Bara, Me and Ahmad that make us 4, I called Bara and he said that he is coming with someone, well cool the more the better lol.

I went to Ahmed’s place and picked him up, and because Bara and others aren’t ready yet we decided to hang out at my home until I the others call us, he brought his Wii console se we can play for a while ((I don’t have Wii lol)) but what we discovered when we arrived that he got the HDTV wires instead of the normal ones GRRRRRRRR, I have HDTV but the one in our outdoorm is normal, it’s ok we just decided to play Xbox360, we played the game OBLIVION and don’t even ask about what we were doing, at the start of the game you have to make a character, we made a 70 years old hero with pail skin and very white face, red lips and green long hair, shorty and unmuscular with yellow eyes… yeah what a game hero is that lol, Amhed got a picture for him I will take it from him later and show you, it was hilarious.

PART3 ~ Mr.DJ ~

And this part was hilarious as well, we got into the car after Bara called us, so we will meet them in some restaurant, and while we are driving I told ahmed

Hey Ahmed do you want to meet Mr.DJ ?!!!

He answered, who is Mr.DJ

I turned my car’s CD player on and played BoA’s Lady Galaxy

He said, so what ?

I answered, wait a little while

After that my CD Player turned the music by its own

I said, look look MR.DJ

He said, WOW

Then I said, I didn’t touch it

Then he screamed, MOFO WATCH OUT THE ROAD

I entered into the sand dune near us and was going to hit in a big rock

I LOL’ed so hard, and he laughed hell of it as well that was one funny thing really.

PART4 ~ The Restaurant ~

I met that new guy who came with Al-Bara’, his name was Abdullah as well, we rushed all to the restaurant, seems we are all hungry, the atmosphere there was super cool, this new guy Abdullah was so energetic, funny and as we say get it when it’s flying, but the spotlight was when he said ” so BoA eh ? “, I was like ZOMG HE KNOWS HER ?!!, yeah seems so, he was trying to test me so he asked ” so, how many languages she speaks “, I gave him that look of ” HEY I AM LIKE HER BIGGEST FAN OVER HERE ” but I smiled and answered the question lol, and continued the day picking on Abdullah K (( Xeonash )) and Bara, both of us me and the other new Abdullah lol, Ahmed was silence most of the time I was trying to grab him to our conversations, back to the new Abdullah, though I just met him but seems we got along, I mean after doctors told me that my MS is developing quickly I became afraid of meeting new people who may make my disease worse, but I guess this one just worked well, but unfortunately this is his last year at the university lol, he is freaking out from it and go to continue his education in Japan, yeah it will be best if I hooked him up with Yuri over there then there will be an Arabian guy we know there who we can catch up with when any of us want to go there XD… but still we didn’t get to that point *cough*, from the scene where Abdullah K and Bara couldn’t open the ketchup can, to us talking and laughing about each other, to the talk about BoA, Jpop and J Drama and talking how Abdullah K is evil, we finished the dinner and decided to go continue the evening at my place, the new Abdullah pulled off because he was busy so we decided to go as Me Ahmed Bara and Abdullah K.


We get in there, and started to plug in the Xbox’s so we are going to play Online ” Gears of War ” but what was hilarious is when they told me go get us second TV, my nerve system wasn’t stable so my legs hurt I went and I got them a TV, when they saw it they was like ” WOOOOHA IS THIS HD TV ? ” Bara said ” OMG OMG LOOOK GUYS IT’S HYPERCTIV – V ” Ahmed was like ” This TV is beyond the HDTV technology right ?! ” I said guy swant to know how powerful is it ? they said ” yes ” I said ” it doesn’t have a RED plug in, they were like ” WOOOHAAAAAAA ” here is a picture for the TV:


Nice eh looooooooool, we started the game, and we were waiting for Abdullah K and Bara to get in so we told someone to wait for 5 minutes, he answered with very weird and noisy voice ” NO PIPE MIIIIIIINETS ” me and Ahmed blow out laughing like we never did before lol, and when we started playing, someone came with the nick name ” Crazy Angel ” we thought he is English guy, so we decided to talk our language lol, we started and he like answered us, me and Ahmed were like ” OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG O___O HE KNEW WHAT WE SAID ” then we blow out laughing XD, he truned us to be not English XD… the day ends here, it was nice, I laughed a lot, hope I can re-do this again a lot while I have a few time to live these days with its maximum.


9 Responses to One Single Tear ~ Day 9 ~

  1. Ayumi says:

    TV非常に wwwwww
    このFAHADをすぐ乗り越えることができることを彼がFAHADを打ってもいいが、私は信じない新しいABDULLAHの希望 ^__^

  2. aizmov says:

    You know Better eh ayu 😛
    and welcome to the blog XD
    what took you long time 😛 ?!!!

  3. karimu says:

    That’s a very long day… it’s like..a week of events for me..
    oh poor me T__T

  4. aizmov says:

    things will get better for you as well, god welling 😀

  5. nes says:

    still didn’t finish but have a Qs thats pop in to my head !! ,, it’s silly but why bot asking XD
    why is ayu talking JP !! i mean we know she can but can’t she at least write the comment in english XD

  6. karimu says:

    and welcome Ayu chan!!

  7. aizmov says:

    Nes, Ayumi writes in Japanese because her other friends are reading the blog, and not all her friends understand English so sometime she has to translate it for them T__T

  8. QUEENOO says:

    Part 1
    That just the beginning and you`ll be better …. You will reverse what ever your doctor is saying to you about your condition

    Part 2
    Green hair … yellow eyes ……….. OK whatever

    Part 3
    Funny……. An accident maybe with bad injure or dead
    Why don’t I feel it`s funny

    Part 5
    You don’t have to say I HOPE coz you WILL

  9. aizmov says:

    Part3, nah it WAS funny lol XD

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