Only Human…


K – Only Human

I’m just reviewing the song, I’ve been re-watching 1 Liter Of Tears lately and this song got me .. AGAIN!

Well,well,well… this song is pure sadness!!

Everything is so sad about it, the lyrics, the music & K’s vocals.. it fits incredibly well as an ending for that

tear jerking Drama

What I like the most in the song is the last part of it…so touching!!

btw: K’s voice is very sensual lol , so you can get uncomfortable if you were a guy… but I got used to it at last :p

DOWNLOAD: Only Human (Media fire)

Only Human(shorter version)


Only Human MV on Youtube



11 Responses to Only Human…

  1. aizmov says:

    OMG THIS SONG, hey can you get me the long version but not MEGAUPLOAD O__O !!!

  2. nes says:

    i don’t know the show but i sure know the song when K released it ❤
    but OVER …, is much greater and the intro in his Korean album was ” OMG , BREATH TAKING” .. and the MV with the snow and K walking to the lack to play the piano was .. i even can’t express it !! end of subject !! K is the best ^^

  3. karimu says:

    Feras: The longer version has one minute plus, but this one minute is my favorite part of the song lol (Uploading in Progress)

    Neso: I’m gonna try other stuff from him! I’m really exited to hear OVER!!

    and hey, you MUST see 1 liter of tears T__T

  4. nes says:

    actually my sis is downloading that talking about someone in it !!! which i don’t know who since she’s all about JP and i’m all about KR .. but if she download it i’ll see it XD

  5. aizmov says:

    never tried K’s korean stuff, i only hooked up with japanese ” SIMPLY BECAUSE I UNDERSTAND IT ” lol

  6. karimu says:

    Nes: I wish I had somebody to share “some” of my interests with.. 😦
    at least you have a sister that like Asian stuff…

    Aizy: BoA FTW :p

  7. nes says:

    karimu : u have us .. and the blog XD

  8. aizmov says:

    true you have us >.>
    i don’t have a bro that likes Asian stuff lol

  9. fallen0one says:

    Love love love.
    K’s just amazing!!!

    *sighz* he so needs more attention and love. at least to the same level as DBSK. >_<

  10. aizmov says:

    he can’t reach DBSK lol, he is not as LOUD as they are

  11. Anya says:

    Taking~ thanks for sharing :3

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