Ikimonogakari – Natsuzora Graffiti / Seishun Line


This is Ikimono’s 6th single since their major debut in 2006. Though, they were present in the Japanese music scene as an indies group since 2003. The single reached #6 on Oricon Singles Charts and it’s still charting in its first week.

The 1st track, Natsuzora Graffiti, translated into “Summer Sky Graffiti” is an upbeat summer tuned song, a typical Ikimono song with rock beats & harmonica. It’s a very refreshing, well arranged song and Yoshioka’s voice is cool too. My Favorite part of the song is the “pre-chorus” part but I think that the chorus could’ve been a lot better.

Rating: 8/10

The other A-Side track is Seishun Line, translated into “Youth Line”. The song was used as the opening song of the Anime Ōkiku Furikabutte. Different than the 1st song, Seishun Line tends to focus on a more mature side of them, you can feel it vocally, lyrically & musically. The song is still fun to hear with a catchy chorus and memorable beat.

Rating: 8/10

Aoi Fune is the B-Side of this double A-Sided single, it’s more laid back, but still summer-y and refreshing.

Rating: 7.2



Ikimonogakari is definitely one of those groups that you can anticipate better songs as the time goes by..

Natsuzora Graffiti / Seishun Line is one of the better singles of this summer, it’s great.


DOWNLOAD: 夏空グラフィティ/青春ライン



One Response to Ikimonogakari – Natsuzora Graffiti / Seishun Line

  1. aizmov says:

    it was very cute for to liten to it XD
    the B-side was ok 😀
    thanks XD

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