Video Games World ~ Give me a reason to buy a Wii ~

new section for the blog, the game news section, i will discuss the leatest game news with a main topic ” which i found intersting all around ” so here we go:

MAIN TOPIC: Give me a reason to buy a Wii

this question poped on my head ” why this stupid console holds the highest sale number in the video game industry this generation ? “, and i am not kidding, 3 days ago when my friend Ahmed came he brought his Wii with him, late night he gave it to me with ” Zelda ” and ” Wario Ware ” to try it up until he get ready to go back to Riyadh, i started this console up and the main menu came up, i found alot of old games, like ” first Mario ever rleased “, ” Mario World “, ” Donky Kong JK ” and alot of SUPER FUN games that released when we were a lil kids, i tried them up and it was fun, well the problem is the controler of this console looks like a TV remote control but yeah it’s fun to try it up, anyways, when i finished trying these old games i put ” Wario Ware ” on, the first impression that came to me was ” WT* ” my older brother laughed and said ” LOL did they used Microsoft Paint to make this game ?!!! ” my uncil answered ” i guess they used WORD ” and they kept LOL’ing, no kidding the graphical interface for this game below the world ” SUCK “, we started playing, mini-games, one game you have to hold the Wii-mote to drink a glass of water, and one to catch a stake, another one to hold up a can, and another one to install a catrege on a Nintendo console, WTF ?!!! that’s the whole game ?!!! ok, the next question i heard after we finished playing this game was ” hey yousef (my older brother) can you ever play this game again ” he answered ” i don’t think so, and i don’t blame him sooner or later you will get sick of these fast and overwhilmed games, anyhow i played Zilda and i truned it off right away, don’t let me speak about the ” PS1 look alike ” graphic it has or the LONG proceure to get a stone-thrower, after all that experiance i found out the answer for my question when i looked around me, the reason why this concole sells well that it’s a Family Console, i started to play after 30 mins all my family was around, even my mom and dad, though they were againest buying it ((me too)), but we were laughing about how we are making thigs with these games, well i let the rest of the topic for you to comment

Square Enix are ready for the Tokyo Game Show this year:

Square Enix announced that they are very ready for the Tokyo Game Show this year, unlike the previous 2 years, Square Enix have made plans for 2 theaters this year, one is Public and one is Private… that’s mean we are going to see FFXIII and VERSUS for SURE, they also announced that the 20th annversiry for FF isn’t over and they have more surprises ^__^


7 Responses to Video Games World ~ Give me a reason to buy a Wii ~

  1. Broken_Dust says:

    RoR @ M$-WORD XP

    same here, the only good thing about the console that it has copied games, so DL -> play -> throw -> DL -> play -> throw -> DL -> play -> burn up this sick console -> buy a PS3 ^^v

    all games are short and repeative, and come to talk about the new ripoff wii fit, step and stay still on the square and you’ll lose wight.. for real =/ wonder if those people happy about it ever tried “sony-eyetoy: nike” ._.”

    cool to hear about SquareEnix ^^ I’m also popin’ to see what ARCsystem has =D

  2. aizmov says:

    Sony Eyetoy = original

  3. karimu says:

    Eyetoy = Wii right?! (I mean it’s the same main idea ne?)

  4. aizmov says:

    yeah they are actully the same but Wii is more kiddish

  5. Omar says:

    lol, honestly i was askin’ about it 2 days ago when i bought FFXII International: Zodic System Job. and i was wondering why it’s sooooooo rare to find on the stores cos Rawdah Street there were around 7 Game stores near each other, so i start with the first one called Lo3baty..

    ” Exicuse Moi 😛 i wonder if you has any Wii (left) to buy? ” <_> What ’bout X360….? ”

    ” With Hardesk or not? ”

    ” yeah sure ” <___> ” <_>

    i just skip the whole idea of trying to ask about it games, and everything about it.

    the rest now is.. X360 and PS3 and i’m still wondering witch one i must buy this summer -.-”

    DS: the PS3: 1900 SR these days .. the 60 G Version
    the XBox360: 1600 SR these days.. with Hardesk

    so, whaddya think Aizo San?!

  6. Omar says:

    what the ..? O_o ?

    why my comment had been shorted that much ?!

    where’s the rest -.-” ?

  7. aizmov says:

    ask yourself 😛
    i told you, PS3 FTW, it has better games

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