BoA – LOVE LETTER (Review)


This is BoA’s 23rd Japanese Single, it will be released on September 19th (pushed back to the 26th instead) in 2 versions. A normal CD Only version and a limited CD+DVD edition, The DVD contains the PV of the title song LOVE LETTER. A special “Winter Acoustic” version of LOVE LETTER comes as a 1st press bonus track.


NOTE: this is the review of the PROMO CD not the ORIGINAL SINGLE, there might be some changes in the original one.

LOVE LETTER is a gentle ballad with an R&B BGM, the song kicks off with a catchy melody singing “Aishiatte tsutaeatte motto soba de kanjitai no…” the song puts you in a dreamy/romantic mood from the 1st second! The lyrics are really touching and unlike “Winter Love” or “Everlasting“, they’re more in the happy side. This is definitely one of BoA’s Best Ballads.

Rating: 9.5 /10

the next track, Diamond Heart has been around since the beginning of the summer, it was used for the CM of Toshiba W53T, featuring BoA herself. The song is quite unique, the verses are fast and low pitched, they kinda remind me of Dakishimeru, but not as fast. The post chorus is the most annoying part the ” party ya… party yaaaa” or whatever!

Rating: 8.5 /10

Beautiful Flowers is probably the most memorable song of the single, the song uses a great mix of Orchestral instrumentals (mostly Violin which is my favorite! ) and modern instrumentals, the result is quite outstanding. The chorus is extremely catchy especially the 1st part where she SCREAMS ” Get up Stand Up! tsuyokuare
, Beautiful Flowers...etc”. I thought Beautiful Flowers is an example of what BoA should sing as a “Pop-ish” song! The parts where they used the drums made the song more beautiful. Beutiful Flowers was used as the official theme song of the Japanese baseball team, Yokohama BayStars.

Rating: 9.5 /10


Fans’ reaction:

Surprisingly, BoA’s fans around the world had similar reactions, stating that this is BoA’s Best single after BEST OF SOUL.


omg,i just looove this single,”love letter” is too good to be true!!!!

Great single!!!! Surprisingly good actually, since i had low expectations before listening to it. I can’t believe how good it is!

phew, what a comeback!!

this single is better than what she’s put out recently. All 3 tracks are enjoyable

Its been a while but I’m finally able to enjoy something new that BoA is putting out. All three tracks are pretty damn good and I really don’t have any complaints. Its good to see BoA releasing strong material again.


LOVE LETTER is BoA’s best overall single since DO THE MOTION, and I thought the Spring/Summer/Autumn harmony was pretty damn good too. All 3 tracks have their own style/mood/genre, BoA has been improving since Winter Love and I hope she continues with this route, up BoA up!

Overall rating: A+







35 Responses to BoA – LOVE LETTER (Review)

  1. aizmov says:

    Thos single kick @$$
    i really really really enjoyed every moment of it
    i haven’t enjoy a single from her like that since DO THE MOTION
    this song have been on repeat for like 100 times now
    me and the dancing team are working in a senario for it to be played on the ” LAST STAGE LAST DANCE ” event next week…
    i’m really really glad of what BoA managed to put
    this composer and arranger shall do more work for her as R&B songs, and for the Beatiful Flowers guy, the one behind QUINCY, i’m glad he is BACK…
    i bought this single, though i loved Ayu’s, but i didn’t buy Ayu’s i want to give this single a chart life, it deserves 100K, but unfortunatly, Ayu being around will give BoA no enough promotion to have good chart life, ayu will take over magazines and stuff, unless magazines decided to dump ayu and get BoA, i beleive this single will sell more than 100K total, 50K first week, if Winter Love reached 99K this single shall double the number, but who knows
    the Japanese Market is wierd, dunno if they accept BoA to hit this time or not…

  2. karimu says:

    I’m really worried about the single, I thought Sweet Impact would pass 100k (She promoted the hell out of it!!) but it flopped so badly… 😦

    BoA began her promotion for LOVE LETTER today (as stated in her blog)! let’s wait and see!!

  3. karimu says:

    btw: the guy behind Bwautiful Flowers,(h-wonder), is the same one who made KEY OF HEART :p

  4. aizmov says:


  5. karimu says:

    ^ yup XD

  6. karimu says:

    but he also made DOUBLE 😀

  7. aizmov says:

    DOUBLE ❤
    bas ma dree leh 5araha fee KEY OF HEART

  8. karimu says:

    he did a “fairly” good job with KEY OF HEART,

    every NON-BoA fan I knew LOVED IT!!
    only fans are complaining about it.. :p

  9. aizmov says:

    lol so true ;;

  10. yukina2x says:

    thanks for the link to your review 😛

  11. karimu says:

    not at all 😀

  12. nes says:

    if i have to judge the single .. i’ll just say that “LOVE LETTER” is the best song in this single ,,

  13. karimu says:

    ^ don’t you like the whole single Nesso-chan?!

  14. nes says:

    i was expected to be like this and it did ,, the same jp style !!

  15. aizmov says:

    play it safe and lovable, don’ try something new and flop
    i mean if you know a resturant you like eat from it, and don’t try new one may give you a stomache…
    that’s how she is doing in Japan

  16. karimu says:

    yeah, but a small adventure won’t hurt either!

  17. aizmov says:

    small adventure was DO THE MOTION she HIT with it, then she tried MAKE A SECRET she floped, she decided to go back safe with Nanairo No Ashita and she HIT then she floped with the rest after it, so she is playing safe for now, but i believe she might give us something brand new for the next single

  18. nes says:

    OMG !! new single ><

  19. nes says:

    ^ wheres the rest .. I aid i want a korean album ><

  20. boamotion says:

    i hope love letter will sell well!!!
    i hope it’ll reach the no 1 spot in the oricon chart and beat her Do the Motion record!

  21. azuki says:

    wow i dunno why everyone’s going crazy over it o.O i seriously preferred winter love over this single lol. i only liked love letter =[ i guess my taste is really diferent from everyone else’s o.o;

  22. aizmov says:

    boamotion: we also hope that it hits No.1 in the oricon, but we have YUI at that day and she is a BIG DEAL in japan

    azuki: lol at you, the big fuss about this single came because of she lately released a chain of dispointing ones, and we made a poll about the best singles and WINTER LOVE owned LOVE LETTER with about 10 points, the ranking was like:
    1) DO THE MOTION 120 points
    2) Winter LOve 98 points
    3) Love Letter 88 points
    so there are alot of people like you who loves Winter Love more :)…
    but LOVE LETTER is not a bad song, and i love it more than Winter Love anyways 😛
    thanks for passing by

  23. karimu says:

    Winter Love is better of a song, but as a complete single LOVE LETTER is much better..
    although she made songs like these before but, this time they came in a much better quality than anytime before!! Also, I think that DO THE MOTION wins the MOST original Song in BoA’s Discography… ❤ ❤

  24. RSS says:

    Good review, although i think you overrated the single a bit.. :X

  25. aizmov says:

    i don’t think so it’s overrated lol
    actully it’s the better single among the ones that will release this month

  26. karimu says:

    Well, maybe I was too exited when I wrote it but still, I’d give it the same rating if I write it now 😀

  27. Sakura Blossom says:

    It’s out today ! 😀

    I’m crossing fingers for at least 45k in the 1st week !!!

  28. aizmov says:

    45K is low for me i want me <<<< needy child XD

  29. […] in 2007 and her 10th single overall. It will be released on September 26th along with BoA’s LOVE LETTER. Predictions are that YUI will be competing with BoA & ABC for topping the Oricon Charts, and […]

  30. haruka says:

    you’re KIDDING me. Love Letter is the WORST SONG EVER! It’s so repititive, the song goes NOWHERE! I hate the song. I’m kinda sick of BoA’s voice – NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE! The only new release of hers I like is Sweet Impact.

  31. aizmov says:

    more people hates sweet impact
    and LOVE LETTER is not repititive lol
    unless you are calling all ballads repititive XD

  32. keracchan says:

    no..I kinda have to agree. It’s too repititive, kinda goes nowhere, sounds so…corny. No offense, BoA! But her past songs were WAY better than now.

    Ballads aren’t repititive, but this is.

    I don’t get why people hate Sweet Impact. It ROCKS (:

  33. keracchan says:

    Okay…on second thought, lemme put it this way.

    The sound effects are really cute and enjoyable, HOWEVER..

    The lyrics “love letter for your letter for your smile..” UH. Too..romantic(in a bad way).

    The melody is good, I guess what I didn’t enjoy was the belching out of BoA’s voice. It sounds GREAT in her energetic songs, but not in ballads.

    So..I rate it a 70%.

    On the bright side, her new single “Lose your mind” is really good..I saw the video 🙂

  34. aizmov says:

    and as of ballads i love Your Color 😛

  35. […] more edgy “like YUI’s song”. It’s very pleasant and a great birthday song! 7.5/10 Diamond Heart…This song brings lots of summer memories. Nothing has changed since, I still feel the same way as […]

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