Koda Kumi – Ai no Uta ” Music Video Download “

Koda Kumi’s new Music Video for the ballad song ” Ai no Uta ”

the truth is i loved this video, made me ” like ” the song, for the first time i feel Koda was trying to be normal and never fake it in this music video ((i feel all her ballads are toooooo much for her except for Hands and You))


Koda Kumi – Ai no Uta MV


16 Responses to Koda Kumi – Ai no Uta ” Music Video Download “

  1. karimu says:

    take a nap gurl >.>

  2. aizmov says:

    truly wuly lol XD

  3. nes says:

    hmm ,, why do I think that she’ll never be convincing !!?

  4. aizmov says:

    because you feel she is faking it ?!!!

  5. karimu says:

    I used to “Love” kumi until she decided to “Cheapen?” herself >.>
    or is avex the one who’s pushing her to that level!

    I’m telling you, if this lady doesn’t get a rest by the end of the year, then she ain’t gonna survive! Meaning: She’s gonna DIE.. a huge oil truck will hit her and her silicone … I mean her blood will fill the street.. 😦

  6. Xenobia4 says:

    I loved this song. I’m normally not a ballad person, but for some reason, Kuu’s ballads I fall in love with. Most of the time, they’re simply gorgeous, this is no exception. I feel like Kuu really out did herself for this one. Maybe I’m just being bias (whereas, I’ve been a Koda Kumi fan since 2004). I’ve yet to hear a Kuu song I disliked. This has ranked to be one of my favorites.

  7. aizmov says:

    i love Kuu’s ballads as well, Hands is just ZOMG, but this one i can’t stand T__T

  8. karimu says:

    Ai no Uta is just a typical ballad,very simple and nothing special about it imo. Koda should take a short brake b4 deciding to release a new song…

  9. aizmov says:

    tell me when you remember i said that:

    ” her next single will be in late nov/early dec

  10. sclover says:

    oh thats cool=__=
    her song this time was quite “boring”

  11. aizmov says:

    Karimu didn’t i tell you she is having a single in november 😛

  12. Emma says:

    i don’t listen to this type of music … but i really like this song :X:X …

  13. Emma says:

    and karumi is it me or u’re jealouse on kumi?

  14. aizmov says:

    I am jealouse of Kumi XD
    though i am starting to like her more XD

  15. kimkim says:

    She was unique….She have sexiness that wasn’t have by another Avex singer…. I love all of her MV esp Get Up & Move..

  16. diina says:

    I Love this song., can you really download the music video????

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