YUI – LOVE & TRUTH (Review)

so, YUI is one big deal in japan these days right ?!!

well i kept avoiding her albums/singles because i couldn’t find anything special about her, personaly i prefare Miz and Olivia over her (although she is more pop-ish then them)

but since this single is going to be againest BoA’s LOVE LETTER, i can say now why she is a big deal, she is that kind of singers who get a good tie up for their song and sell alot after it, steady fan base and new populrty, that’s how i put er picture.

about the song, LOVE & TRUTH, a smooth ballad with nice melody, but i don’t know what’s going with the vocals and arrangment for this song, it’s just like ” mixed up ” ?… but for sure as i said ” good tie-up, people will buy “… actully i didn’t find any special thing on this song (excpet of some parts of the lyrics) but unlike LOVE LETTER you will get bored of it after the 3rd-4th listen… and i doubt its MV will help the song as it did with Koda’s Ai no Uta


rating: 7/10


29 Responses to YUI – LOVE & TRUTH (Review)

  1. karimu says:

    To be honest, the song is very good! Actually, It’s my favorite song of hers!

    Her last single opened at 80k 🙂 :0 :l :[ :s

  2. aizmov says:

    80K ?!!!
    ok BoA is so getting #2

  3. karimu says:

    yes, and it wasn’t all that good! The single actually sucked hard!!

  4. aizmov says:

    oh then BoA has no chance, well #2 is always good -__-;

  5. azuki says:

    lol just last year no one cared about her…i actually listened to tokyo and fell in love with her. i remember one of her lives only had like 20 people and no one clapped o.o; it was kinda sad…but who knew she’d be so big one day?

  6. aizmov says:

    true, she is VERY BIG now in Japan, but rockers like her are like ” get the spot light for today and leave it the next day ” she will lose her market when Japan start losing intrest on her, but i believe she will make a great fan base by then

  7. karimu says:

    I remember those days when she used to be unknown, actually Bleaache & Taiyou no Uta were the rockets she rode to reach the Oricon Sky!

  8. elesi. says:

    yui’s a great singer and i don’t think she’ll leave oricon any time soon. not only has she built up loyal fans, she’s attracting more and more as she matures further. her performances are getting more professional as time flies by, and her innocence becomes attractive to many countries including the Philippinies, Malaysia, Indonesia.. you’ve gotta give her credit for not being the typical Japan pop star. she works hard and let’s give ‘er kudos for that ;p

  9. aizmov says:

    the Japanese market is tricky, look at Yuna Ito, she started strong and she lost her sprak now, home she get it back but her last 2 singles wasn’t that strong and all ^__^

  10. CBloss says:

    I’ll agree with you with Yui. There are times were I avoid her and there are times when I don’t. “Good-bye Days” was I time I didn’t and this is another single of hers that she did awesome on. It’s different, but I like it. ^^

  11. Hatsumichan says:

    I feel that one of the main reasons I love YUI is because she write the lyrics and the music and plays guitar for all her songs. There aren’t that many artists out there nowadays that you can say do that. I mean sure there are a few self-composed songs every once in a while when an artist gets inspired, but YUI writes and composes ALL of her songs, which I think is why I admire her so much and why people really like her. The songs are unique and her talent is recognized because of all that she does.

  12. Meeko-Chan says:

    Agreed! (to what Hatsumichan said) Even though I didn’t like some of her songs in the last album, I did admire her work and her dedication to all her songs since she composed/wrote/sang all of them. I think she’s one of the few “genuine” artists out there.

  13. chiemi says:

    well put hatsumichan and meeko-chan. that’s pretty much why i love her so much too. it’s interesting to see her change from pretty much acoustic to doing songs with a lead electric guitar solo. ^_^ i think she’s matured quite a lot, and i can’t wait to hear even more stuff from her. 😀

  14. aizmov says:

    ((her full single leaked and will be uploaded soon))

  15. Eggy says:

    She’s a very hard worker, and that’s one of the reasons why I’m a fan of hers. I appreciate music more if the singer/band write and perform it themselves, like YUI~! n__n How many singles has she released this year already? This, Rolling star, CHE.R.RY, My Generation/Understand…and the CAN’T BUY MY LOVE album! @__@ She has a wonderful voice!

  16. aizmov says:

    yes she is hard working, beating Koda with the number of singles she is releasing, lol too fast XD

  17. karimu says:

    at least YUI releases good stuff!! I Loved all her singles for this year except for My Generation/Understand.. while I hated most of Koda’s stuff :/

  18. aizmov says:

    Aishou = ❤

  19. sammy says:

    I’m new to jpop- sorta, but I YUI is awesome.

    oh and BOA’s love letter single didn’t even have a chance against YUI on the oricon. like something bout low record sales and #17.

  20. aizmov says:

    she got #3
    not #17

  21. iruka92 says:

    oh god, i love this song

  22. Zyerie says:

    The song sounds good….
    fresh…i love her voice..
    since i heard her for the Bleach OST..
    aizmov..do ya have the instrumental?

  23. Ame-chan says:

    Simply amazing, she’s way better than Ayumi Hamasaki. I just love the song Love & Truth, it made me cry when I heard it for the first time. The lyrics are amazing and really touching, also she has a heavenly voice which makes my day when ever I heard her sing. 🙂

  24. †Fate† says:

    Yui is awesome…..
    and yea she is better than Ayumi Hamasaki (who is getting old and sucky O.O)
    She is like my favorite Japanese artist ever…
    Through I have to say Jam is better than Love & Truth …
    At least I like it better

  25. †Fate† says:

    Hmm out of all her singles
    Rolling Star is so the best
    Beats everything els hands down

  26. aizmov says:

    lol i LOVED what you have said about Ayumi Hamasaki lol XD

  27. †Fate† says:

    yea but im seriouse through XD
    I USED to like Ayu…
    2 or so years ago…
    for… about 2 month
    then I gave up on Jpop and became a HUGE Steve Vai fan (still am)
    then I watched bleach… get ADDICTED to Rolling Star
    then I become a Yui fan

  28. aizmov says:

    Steve Vai >_> never heard of her/him, if you don’t mind upload something can hook me up XD
    you can put the link in ” AnyShare ” topic ^__^

  29. hiddeyaki says:

    oi feras love yuiiiiiiii

    e josarado@hotmailcom bzl feras

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