One Single Tear ~ Day 20 ~

this is 23/8/2007 and still have 24/8/2007 they are both kinda ” amazing “, made my life better



well, i didn’t sleep well, ummmmm they woke me up so early, 7 am ?!!!… i returned from the university 3 AM yesterday uhhh ok let’s keep up, well it’s the vacations i can’t waste all my time like that it’s better to be awake, well let me check my shedual, oh today i will go out with Albara and Ali haaaaa, well what we gonna do what we gonna do, well firgure this out lateeeeeeeeer…


it’s about time i go and gather my friends and hang aroundu, well well well, i wore one of these T-shirts i got from korea I LOOK SMEXEH with them lol, i went to Albara first cuz Ali will meet us at the meeting point, but i got a call from him ” Feras, am not home “, i answered ” eh where are you then “, he said ” i am at Khalid’s house “, i said ” Khalid who “, he said ” you just come “… well i got to khalid’s house i guess, i put my car near there and waited, uh someone came to me i was like opened the window and THEN i figured out it was Albara’s friend so i rushed getting of the car to shake his hand he said ” come inside for a while “, i pushed ” Albara there ? “, he said ” Yes “,,, so i went with him


went to his house i found Albara there ” uhhhh long time no see ” i said, well they were playing Wii sport, i hate this console and i was throwing jokes there here and there about it and Albara + Khalid were laughing ’bout it…. well i kept saying Albara let’s go ALI IS WAITING, and he was like ” one more hole ” ((they were playing golf)),,, well at last we decided to hip into the car, most of the time while we were going to the meeting point we were talking about the BIG EVENT, Yuri is coming to KSA to hang out with us, well we talked alot ’bout him and all so when guys see him they know how to act 😛 , yse yuri is not an easy to deal with person lol… we went to alrashed and we found out that it was full of ” 63oos ” people so we decided to RUN AWAY TO SOMEWHERE ELSE, but best thingie was I MET ALI THERE WOOOHOOOO, lol long time i didn’t see him >.>;,,, like ummmm a month or so >.>;,,, we couldn’t handel the atmosphere there so we decided to run away and go to somewhere else haaaaaa… well it’s 3 AM i feel tried and somehow i feel i forgot some details i will sleep and see if i will remember tomorrow…

Part4 ~ C&G ~

C&G was the name of the resturant we were heading to, well, this time we had the laptob opened what was funny that when Albara opened one of BoA’s songs and closed it and i was like ” oh BoA “,,, he said ” i dare you what song ? ” i answered ” Mirikuri ” he was like ” OMG mashallah from the first 3 seconds only “,,, lol XD YEAH SHE IS BoA XD… we went to the resturant we talked ’bout dancing travling and all, Kahlid saw BoA and he said ” well i don’t blame you are in love with her XD “,,, well again SHE IS BoA XD,,, and Khalid was the one who recomaned me my meal it was surpream :D,,, but i hated the DITE PEPSI XD… finished and we rushed to go to our homes

Part5 ~ Our Police Men are STUPID ~

when we were heading to our homes the police check point stopped us, they asked for our IDs i forgot my driving licenes in my Hummer, and we were using the SAAB, Kahlid forgot his ID so he show them the one in his Flahs Memory, well they told us to get aside, we all thought they are writing a check for my driving licenes but they took about 1.5 hours to do so ?!!! after a while, another police car came and he said ” LET YOUR FRIEND COME WITH US ” i was like WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT O______O ?!!! WHY ?!!!,,, they said ” he doesn’t have ID ” we were like ” now you made us stop here for 2 hours and now you are taking him, NO WAY “,,, they were like ” no we must take him you can go “,,, i was like ” uh, WTF ?!!! his home IS JUST 2 MINS FROM HERE HE CAN GET YOU THE FREAKN’ ID “,,, the answer was ” no he comes with us, you go get his ID and then come to the police department “,,, i said ” LOOK AT THE TIME 2 AM ” he said ” it’s ok “,,, Ali said ” excuse me, don’t somke to us ” he was like ” get in the car the smoke not good for you ” we were like ” NO YOU SHOULDN’T SMOKE WHILE YOU ARE SERVING “,,, at last he aggred we go get his ID from home and come back,,, well at the end,,, we decided to sue them,,, i can do it i know someone who can banish them so hard,,, god help them from the angry FoFo…


8 Responses to One Single Tear ~ Day 20 ~

  1. Alucard says:

    well the thing is that i hope your friend is not on the fan till this moment 😛
    but that seemed like a nice day though

  2. QUEENOO says:

    Part 3
    I think I miss him but NESOO did told me about him and how he was a funny guy and we laugh about stuffffffffff

    Part 4
    MASHALLAH ….. I know what will u say ” SHE IS BOA XD”

    Part 5
    god help them from the angry FoFo…
    will GREAT SHAMSHON im scared
    SHAMSHON …is like the hulk

    Part 6
    Pure Ali did he get dizzy or did he enjoy the fan rid … did the view of the room look nice or dose it need some change … haaaaaaaaaa

    PS: please do put some pic if don’t mind

  3. aizmov says:

    me is not SHAMSHON T__T

  4. QUEENOO says:

    yes u are …kakakaaaaaaaaa

  5. aizmov says:

    me is cute you is baka

  6. QUEENOO says:

    what is baka

  7. aizmov says:

    baka is stupid in JP 😛

  8. QUEENOO says:

    OMG im not trusted before and now im stupid thaaaaaaaaaanks reallllllly thanks

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