Noriyuki Makihara – GREEN DAYS (Review + Download)


Noriyuki Makihara


Artist Introduction:

Noriyuki Makihara is a Japanese Singer/Songwriter, born on May 18th 1969 in Osaka, Japan. He began his professional musical carrier in 1990 with the Album 「君が笑うとき 君の胸が痛まないように」 Altough it wasn’t an instant hit (#48) , it charted for a long 33 weeks and went selling more than 200,000 copies. His debut single 「どんなときも。」was a HUGE HIT in Japan. It Topped the Oricon Charts and sold more than 1,700,000 copies , making it his best selling single to Date. Makihara continued his carrier releasing Hit after Hit such as the Hit Single 「もう恋なんてしない」 & the Hit Album 「Listen To The Music」 which sold 3 Million copies approx. Makihara also wrote lots of songs for other artists including SMAP’s miliion selling single 「Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana」.




GREEN DAYS is Noriyuki Makihara’s 34th(?) single and it was released on August 15t. It hit the number 3 on the Oricon Charts and sold 30,000 copies in one week and a total of 42,000 copies in the second week (still charting). This single marks Noriyuki Makihara’s 1st single single in 2007… and what a comeback!

GREEN DAYS is a Pop/Rock song. It kicks off with a great upbeat melody that slows down taking you to the verses… Makihara’s vocals are OUTSTANDING! I love his voice!! It’s neither an Old Geezer voice nor a softy teen ager voice that you usually hear while listening to JE groups. Actually, his voice is one of the BEST voices I’ve heard by a Japanese Male Vocalist. The Chorus is very catchy too, his vocals get even stronger in that part.

Rating: 9/10 ( I admit I overrated the song :P)

the second track どんなときも。’07 , is a 2007 version of his Hit song どんなときも。 which has sold 1.7 Million copies as I stated previously. This song is more laid back, Makihara’s vocals are as great as the previous track. The Chorus is very catchy & very relaxing too. I Loved the Post-Chorus parts, they sound lovely ;p

Rating: 9/10


GREEN DAY is one of 2007’s best singles, (2007 which hasn’t been very generous in terms of GOOD SINGLES by the way
unlike that past years especially 2005)..

The whole combination of the single is very good, It mixes old with modern sounds, it’s very pleasant

very relaxing & very enjoyable too.

I’d recommend this single for anyone seeking a High Quality song whatever were his preferences!

Overall: A+

OMG he’s soooooo cute XD


GREEN DAYS どんなときも。’07





20 Responses to Noriyuki Makihara – GREEN DAYS (Review + Download)

  1. aizmov says:

    nice smile up there XD
    well my connection is kinda playing up and down
    i will re-reply after i download it

  2. Broken_Dust says:

    what a smile XD

    not bad ^^ Thanks for the review =)

  3. Chrono_Yu says:

    Not bad. Very gentle soothing music. Enjoyed listening to it.
    Thanks for the review and download. 😀

  4. karimu says:

    I’m happy you enjoyed it, thanks for coming by 😀

  5. :: ALBARA :: says:

    OMG Noriyuki Makihara’s GREED DAYS .. is AWESOME ..

    i got it from a JDorama i am watching about 2 young collage students in agriculture studies doing there summer training at a farm ..

    it’s a nice drama .. but the best was that song 😀

    don’t miss it .. Feras .. remind me to show it to u on my iPOD ..

    if u just see the way he is singing in the Video Clip .. He look soo KAWAAAiiiiiiiii .. sooo innocent >_<” ..

    Thanx for the Review .. i liked it ^_^

  6. aizmov says:

    lol bara long time didn’t sense you in the blog XD
    well, i don’t remember the song i may listened to it long time ago, but yeah damn this **

  7. karimu says:

    ^^Finally someone agrees with me! 😀 😀

  8. :: ALBARA :: says:

    ^^ yep i give em an A+ too 🙂

  9. aizmov says:

    A+ ? naaaah
    A+ can be given to ONE or TWO songs in the whole year
    and it SHOULD BE something EXTRA ORDINARY lol
    some how, ummmmm Your Color was an A+ lolz
    this year am not sure if we are getting that strong material cuz in 2005 there were like 5 songs A+ ((10/10))
    this year i am feelin’ Nmaie’s ” Steady Rock ” lolz

  10. karimu says:

    ^ A+ does not mean 10/10. A+ = Very strong single. A single may contain just a few good songs but the whole package deserves an A+. And if a single contains an OUTSTANDING song + 2 crappy songs, then does not deserve A+..

    ^ did I explain well here..??! XD

  11. :: ALBARA :: says:

    this song is special .. it keeps circling in my head again and again and again .. there is something strange in it ~.~”

  12. aizmov says:

    want a song that has something strange in it ” Falvor of Life ~ Ballad Version ~ ” of Utada Hikaru…
    yeah i keep saying ” Arigatou tou ” almost everyday O_O

  13. :: ALBARA :: says:

    Yaaah i got that one too from the J-Dorama (Hana Yori Dango Season 2)
    they bring it after every sudden =_=” so it’s obvious that it will stick in my head ^^”

  14. karimu says:

    The Ballad version of FOL sucks :S
    The Original Version is waaaaaaay better!!!

  15. aizmov says:

    what can beat ” Jewel Song ” anyway 😛

  16. karimu says:

    ^Shut up.. Jewel Song was my favourite BoA song at some point… >.>
    No but really, what’s so special about the that stupid ballad version :/

  17. Aizmov says:

    The Drama Tie Up as Bara Said XD

  18. karimu says:

    I watched the drama and it did not affect me… Otsuka’s song was way better :/

  19. greatman05 says:


  20. ichiko adji says:

    no it’s a MOST WONDERFUL smile i’ve ever seen
    greendays saved my live

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