BoA – LOVE LETTER (Music Video Download)


Today Yahoo JP released the video as streaming, Hikari Ayumi, my japanese friend gave me the video and i managed to rip ot off ((you can only view the video if your IP is Japanese, no one else can see it lol))…

WOW LOVE LETTER PV IS SO FINE i like it, well not as good as EVERLASTING but much better than WINTER LOVE, i like the scene where she fully standing, and the scene where she runs fast, not to mention the scene of marry-go-round i wanna ride one now lol




Rating: 8.5/10

Download Link: BoA – LOVE LETTER MV : Mediafire / Zshare


21 Responses to BoA – LOVE LETTER (Music Video Download)

  1. kira says:

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy ,,,

    Doommmmmoooo man …..

    soshta , not forgeting Ayumi – chan too ^_-

    Ja …

  2. karimu says:

    I liked the PV, but nothing made me go “WOW”
    she’s beautiful in there although I didn’t really like her hair :S

    The video started OK…then..BORING…then GOOD. The final scenes were the best IMO. I didn’t get the story btw…make a secret was better IMO! But as a Ballad, this was better than Winter Love.

    I’d rate it 7/10 😀

    arigatouuu 😀

  3. aizmov says:

    Kira: wooooooooooo man first time to see you replying in my blog woohahahaha your more than welcome, keep checking up here for more about JPOP 😛

    Karimu: well it wasn’t WOW enough for the song lol, the song is much much better song but at least it’s much better MV than Winter Love, the story i guess is about a man stalking BoA with his letters and she can’t find him, she runs to a place he told her to go to but she still didn’t find him but found the shiny city object ” the marry-go-round ” she mentions the sprakling light of the city in her song so i geuss that explains the shiny marry-go-round, well, the MV might not give BoA that credits for the song in the JP industry but i still believe in the LIVE she will do it will help alot…

  4. Broken_Dust says:

    -03:43- ..WoW *.* she like puts her hand to her heart and a *BEAT* comes out!! that’s surely a love letter from your heart ❤ to mine ❤

    what’s up with that house/bar having milloins of light bulbs, who the hell buys for the electricity lol XD

  5. Broken_Dust says:

    buys = pays*

  6. aizmov says:

    i know this coffeshop she sang in, in Tokyo
    it’s not about who pays the electrictiy
    it’s WHO CHANGES THEM XD ?!!!
    i really like the bridge part with that russin hat ❤ ❤ ❤ <@ <<< the last one is flower XD

  7. Lily says:

    Oh my god i hate her ^ =(

  8. aizmov says:

    give me one reason 😛

  9. ngocthuy says:

    thanks for this web

  10. ness says:

    thx for sharing.. btw, could you pretty please reup the link to
    mediafire again?.. the links are expired & zshare doesnt works for me

  11. Taro~ says:

    i love boa so so so muach!!!
    BoA fighting!!!

  12. Nanmin says:

    THIS IS AESOME GREAT i love Boa chan~ you r ma siser

  13. Nanmin says:

    not really but i loooooooooooooooooooove boa don’t hate boa chan she so kawaii~

  14. levara says:

    you guys go fuck ur self losers

  15. こんにちは…あなたは私を知ることができない人々は大丈夫ですけど、ボアちゃんにいくつか良いことを言ってほしい。
    ボアちゃん、彼女は非常に歌を私は日本で彼女をサポートするいい! 〜

  16. Florence says:

    Yay! This one is my favorite!!! 😀

  17. irvan says:

    this MV is great..

  18. ellison80 says:

    never heard of her my bands are steps s club rainbow
    avril lavinge girls aloud jessica simpson !

  19. Love Letters For Her…

    […]BoA – LOVE LETTER (Music Video Download) « One Single Tear[…]…

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