One SIngle Tear ~ Day 27 ~

i missed about 6 days i will write them down when i get better i was busy with the party and all and now i am tried read more:

One Single Tear Day 27 ~ THE PAIN ~

Part1 ~ sleepless, but not lonely ~

successful day it was yesterday, yeah we won, the details i can’t write because of my muscles pain, but i had to write this at least for the people who kept asking and sending SMS about it, but about this i will write the full details later, we got back home at 4:00 AM after we finished everything, me and Yuri (which you had to know that he arrived to KSA from yesterday’s page), couldn’t sleep, from the pain the hits my muscles because of this stupid disease, until i saw the morning coming


5 Responses to One SIngle Tear ~ Day 27 ~

  1. karimu says:

    I knew you’d feel like this after putting so much effort in the competition! May god heal you honey!

    btw How is Yuri-san doing?!

  2. aizmov says:

    eating right now
    i was asleep and he was awake so SURE HE IS HUNGRY XD

  3. Futrus says:

    well even with the pain it is worth it you won and all of us are proud of you


  4. aizmov says:

    thanks alot fut ^__^

  5. QUEENOO says:

    Part 1
    Welcome YURI to KSA ……..came late I know haaaaaaaaaa but still I don’t want him to say that im not hospitable person

    Part 2
    As long as u keep come back that the most important thing

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