One Single Tear ~ Day 21 + 22 ~

a mixed day this time they were COOL, sorry for late update but my condition is very critical now…

One Single Tear Day 21 + 22 ~ SHALL I LOVE YOU ?!! ~

Part1 ~ AlBara’s scarification ~
decided with AlBara and Kahlid (de new guy) to go to Bahrain for today, was waiting for the confirmation from AlBara-san, he called me saying ” Feras, if we didn’t go you will kill me ?!!” i was like ” nah, next time maybe “, then he said ” ok then we will go “, i felt like he sacrificed himself and am going to kill him, hang him up, crash him with the car or somethin’ like that… ok time to go wear up anything, oh, ummm, another GOOGIMS i guess lolz…

met AlBara, lol he was like going to marry or going to wedding or something, shoma’3 and thob and all loool, was like WTH where are you going ? we are going to Bahrain not a wedding, he answered me with the reason, though it’s kinda funny but it’s private (it’s written in my note but i won’t put it online teehee), he brought his 8AMERA DESU with him, so he kept getting pictures of us all the day long wooo, i have alot of pix if you want them i can post some haha…

Part3 ~ DE BRIDGE ~
we arrived to the bridge connecting Bahrain to KSA, we had interface a problem, AlBara still not allowed to get in without permission but we talked with someone inside and they allowed us in XD… so we are finally in Bahrain

Part4 ~ WE WERE 8 AND BECAME 3 ~
first of all we decided to meet everyone there, like 8 people but somehow it became us 3, me Albara and Khalid, so we decided to watch 2 movies, but seems the guys are rushing out for dinner XD, so they kept telling me ” WE ARE HUNGRY “, ” GO TO A RESTAURANT ” and all so we decided to get the tickets then go eat XD…

lol that was the name of the restaurant, Khalid commanded it, we met a new guy over there, Mr.Marwan, yeah i’ve been introduced to alot of people lately >.>;
we took a picture of him then we hit the Cinema for the movies.

Part6 ~ IT IS COLD ~
we arrived to the cinema we were watching THE SIMPSONS, the hall was COLD and i mean COLD, -10 C or something, we started to watch the movie, but i noticed that Khalid wasn’t comfortable at all, he even isn’t laughing like us 😦 , i remembered i have a jacket in my car, so i rushed in the middle of the movie to my car, got the jacket and got back hooooo, i gave it to Khalid and he wore it, and now HE WAS LAUGHING ^__^, yeah i lost few mins from the movie but it deserves seeing a friend of mine got his charisma back, it really deserves it

the other movie, i liked it, 28 WEEKS LATER, it’s OST was a WOW, really, i will upload it for my blog

not alot about it, Abdullah is back from his trip and we all met with Ali at home, Khalid went into his trip so he didn’t catch up with us… i let my friends see half of my JPOP treasure lol, we did watch some DVDs haaaa that was nice 😀


9 Responses to One Single Tear ~ Day 21 + 22 ~

  1. Futrus says:

    glad you enjoyed your time in Bahrain ^_^ , next time try to tell me before you come to get a chance to see you ^_^

    btw the Simpson’s was boooooring P:

  2. aizmov says:

    i may be there tomorrow 😛

  3. QUEENOO says:

    Part 1
    What about shooting him between the eyes orrrr stabbing him in the heart I think that will work too…..they don’t call me TERMINATOR QUEENOO for nothing
    Ohhhhhh I forget to mention that am a member of an Italian MAFIA …of course I cant tell u who or where coz if I tell u I have to terminate u….haaaaaaaaaa

    Part 3
    Congratulation ALBARA …. I will tell ur parents … I will tell ur parents.. I will…I will …. Do u know why????? Coz u have to be on the fan so u can told us about ur feeling …….. haaaaaaaaaaa

    Feras u evil mean guy and freak crazy guy DON’T TALK TO ME you didn’t invited me …as if im going to go haaaaaaaaaaaa ….. BUT with a big letters u should invited me from politeness

    Part 6
    U are a heroooooooo ….GOOOOOOOO FERAS

  4. aizmov says:

    Part1: ok officialy we are not friends anymore >.>;

    Part5: no girlz no girlz onry boyz

  5. QUEENOO says:

    it is ur lost not mine coz I was going to kill him but now i will help him so he can kill u.. haaaaaaaaaaa

    no boyz no boyz only girlz and no more talking

  6. aizmov says:

    talking is that me is doing that talking you is not allowed to do me talk like this and that you only girl that me do not like you is not good girl you is bad girl this is that is

  7. QUEENOO says:



    bad girlllll

    u mean bad bad


    im sorryyyyy

    i dont like u r evil

  8. aizmov says:

    me sorry
    you sad ?!!!
    me sorry 2

  9. QUEENOO says:

    i dont think u r sorry

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