m.o.v.e + 8 BALL : SPEED MASTER ~ Review + Download ~

it’s new single by the Rockers 8 BALL and m.o.v.e the trance team, i have alot of singles to share in the blog but my health  condition isn’t helping me reviewing and posting but i hope i get better for a bigger update



2 singles with the same song but with different compsed instrumentals i like the single because i like move but i never heard of 8 BALL but their B-side in their single turned up better than the A-side… here is the small review

SPEED MASTER: 2 versions the 8 BALL version is pure rock with catchy speed feeling rock and the move version which is trance elec-fast based song as their usual work, though i got confused which i like more the 8 BALL version or move’s but then i decided from one thing, which is how the song started in move’s version, I LOVE IT, i which if they kept this style for the rest of the song but it changed right after the introduction, the 8 BALL version has a very fast and strong bridge, it’s much better than the rap bridge in move’s version… summing this up the song all togather with 2 version sounds cool

FALL FOR YOU: it can be found in 8 BALL’s single only, rock-ballad, i like it alot the lyrics are nice and the instrumental used are well arranged

FILM RAIN: it can be found in move’s single only, trance song, like their usual but nothing special, it’s nice

SPEED MASTER 8 BALL version: 7.5/10 ~ Download ~

SPEED MASTER move version: 8/10 ~ Download ~

8 BALL’s ALL FOR YOU: 8.5/10 ~ Download ~

move’s FILM RAIN: 7/10 ~ Download ~


10 Responses to m.o.v.e + 8 BALL : SPEED MASTER ~ Review + Download ~

  1. SamaraRegion says:

    its the best post from you, thanks a lot

  2. aizmov says:

    lol, you are more than welcomed i hope i can get to upload more music of your like

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