Beautiful Flowers VS. LOVE & TRUTH on downloads!



The tough battle of topping the Oricon Charts has just started! Both BoA & YUI have released some of the songs on Chaku-Uta (the Japanese Mobile Download Service). At the moment BoA’s Beautiful Flowers is beating YUI’s LOVE & TRUTH on the downloads. Both songs are featured in their next singles, Beautiful Flowers (#33) as the second B-Side of BoA’s single, and LOVE & TRUTH (#35) as the Leading track of YUI’s single.


Right now, both Arashi & Koda Kumi occupy the top 2 positions on Chaku-Uta, looks like Arashi won the 1st week battle with Utada  as usual, but what really matters is the Overall sales.

Next week we’ll Have Koda Versus Kinki Kids… I wanna watch that B!tch taking a nice slap in the face 😛

If the 4 HOT WAVE couldn’t beat them, Ai no Uta will..?! I don’t think so… 






5 Responses to Beautiful Flowers VS. LOVE & TRUTH on downloads!

  1. aizmov says:

    Winter Love made it up in there right ?!!!
    and wait Beautiful Flower is a B-sdie and LOVE & TRUTH is an A-side lol >.>;

  2. alfred says:

    esta muy buena

  3. karimu says:

    Aizy: Winter Love hit the #1 by the time of its release!

    LOVE LETTER isn’t released digitally yet, it will be release on mu-mo in 2 days I guess,,, so I have high expectations for the song!

    Sweet Impact hit #12 or #11 then dropped like hell :/

    alfred: sí, muy bueno 😛 BoA fan?

  4. aizmov says:

    we welcome all languages in our blog it seems, Aloha alfred ^___^

  5. karimu says:

    ^ yup yup XD

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