~ Anime Special, DEATH NOTE ~

~ Anime Special ~



This is the first episode of the massive hit anime, DEATH NOTE.
Raito, a high school student with a high GPA found a weird note in outside school
He discovered later that this notebook cause instant death for whomever his name is written in the note, unfortunately, the note doesn’t kill for free, there should be conditions must be occupied to kill successfully.

The Animation uses the CG animated method for camera and background environment in 70% of its scenes, which not bad at all, the graphical style looks like the one used in the DEATH NOTE Managa which personally one of my favorite styles ever.

The musical part is one strong point for this anime, although the opening and ending for the anime isn’t that much of it but the insert music and the sound track is amazingly well done…










OVERALL: you don’t want to miss this anime, you should try it, it’s a MUST SEE even if you read the Manga
Rating: A+

PART2: http://www.mediafire.com/?59kyjs0rwzl
PART3: http://www.mediafire.com/?4fcjdv4nbji
PART4: http://www.mediafire.com/?7zd1j1txxmk

(( other episodes will be uploaded regularly by demand else I will upload it when I feel so ))


3 Responses to ~ Anime Special, DEATH NOTE ~

  1. ayah says:

    I love Death Note thats my fav anime I have all the books though I’m only on book 8 book 7 is so sad I have to say Death Note is the best anime that ever came out it sucks that it has to end.
    My fav charactor has to be L he looks 18 but he’s really 25 and he acts like he’s 4 I absoultly love love love Death Note
    “I’m also childish and I hate to lose”-L

  2. aizmov says:

    that qoute you made is my faviorate after ” I AM JUSTICE ” that was said by L and Raito
    i still haven’t seen the ending of Death Note neither the Anime nor the Manga, but i am still dying to see them T_T
    yeah DEATH NOTE is one of the least Animes i managed to see in passion…
    really nice Anime…!!

  3. deathnote says:

    I love this anime.Just watched it 2 weeks back and the story was mind blowing.The downside is the ending. 😦

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