~ Movies Special ~

~ Movies Special ~

Recommendation: 28 Weeks Later


~ 28 Weeks Later ~


Here is the sequel for the massive zombie’s movie hit 28 Days Later that was released in 2003…
First of all I was afraid this movie will be as average as the first movie but with that strong Sound Track and the strong beginning it has this part of the story is more than good…
The story of this movie starts when the virus attacked all London and things started to get tricky, no one alive because the zombie started to die because there are no food left after they ate/infected everybody…
The US army came to London to rebuilt it and get new civilization in there and started to make ” The New London ”
In some point the virus comes back and the action and drama starts…
This may not be the most frightened movie or even not as frighten as The Grudge, but still the way the zombie moves and eat is DISCUSTING and SCARY
I did love the direction and the production, way better than the first movie
And not to mention this time, the OST is triple the time better than the first one I even choose it to be starring the OST Special down there, THEME 28 is a must have…


Rating: 8.5/10



Want to laugh and forget everything behind you, go and watch the simpsons… funny movie to hell, I don’t really know if the one who wrote the scripts was high or drunk when he wrote this lol, it was hilarious and amazing… have a good laugh it’s Ramadhan and the simpsons must be your choice…
The art work for this movie is very different than the original series, it has more CG work then the original and more free camera move, the story is rather funny and I can’t spoil it for the people who did see it…
But again wanna good laugh, get this movie


Rating: 8/10

((the movies has a very big sizes, it’s ok for me to upload them if I found request for them))


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