~ OST Special ~

~  OSTs Special ~

This Section Recommendation: THEME 28


28 Weeks Later:


Reviewed the movie up there and here is the review of the Sound Track, this sound track collection is a MUST HAVE, impressive in all way, the THEME 28 is the best piece of music I heard in a while the must have music pieces are the ones I gave 9.5 and 10

 28 THEME 10/10
Welcome to Britain 9.5/10
Helicopter Chase 7/10
Fire – Bombing London 9/10
Theme 7 8/10
Walk to Regents Park 9/10
Kiss of Death 7/10
Don Abandon Alice 10/10 ((Rock Themed 28 THEME must get))
London Deserted 9/10
Go Go Go 7/10
Theme 2 9/10
Knock-Knock 7/10
Night Watch 8/10
Code Red 7/10
Going Home 8/10
Tammy Kills her Dad 9/10
Crowd Break Out 5/10
Outbreak 7/10
Leaving England 10/10
Theme 3 8/10

Overall rating: 9.8/10

Blue Dragon:


I reviewed the game up there and here is the soundtrack for this game, Noubou Uematsu is my favorite composer of all time, it’s enough to listen to Final Fantasy 7’s OST to know how great this composer is, though this sound track is not as bigger and or even as good as Final Fantasy’s OST but still there are some pieces I kept listening to in the game without moving the character over all is good get it all i won’t rate each song because i still finished the game

A Lamenting Bell Toll
The Land Shark is Coming!
Mysterious Village
Dragon Fight!
Thumbs Up!
Everyday Tranquility
Mystery of the Ancient Machine
In Search of the Ruins
High Speed Flight
Anger and Sorrow
My Tears and the Sky
City Lights
Desolate Town
Advancing Ground

A Smiling Face
Knock It Down
Army of the Holy Sword
Gibral Castle
Zola’s Theme
A Little Fight
Frozen Village
Nene’s Paradise
Giant Mechat
Advance! Drill Machine
The Dance-Loving Devi Tribe
The Ancients
An Ancient Fortress
Machine Temple
The Road to Gibral
Mecha-Robo Army Charge!
The Land of Happiness
A Village of Murals
Peaceful Waterside
An Uneasy Night
Mechat Takes Off!
Take Back the Shadow!
State of Emergency
Revival of the Ancients
The Seal is Broken
Happy Birthday
Blue Dragon Main Theme
Waterside ~for Piano and Orchestra~

Overall Rating: 9/10


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