Shimatani Hitomi – Shinku/Ai no Uta (Review + DOWNLOAD)


Shimatani Hitomi – Shinku/Ai no Uta


Shinku is Hitomi’s 26th single, it was released on September 5th and hit the #6 on the Oricon dailies. This is actually Hitomi’s 1st Oricon Top 10 Hit since her 2005 single GARNET MOON/Inori. HOWEVER, the single -surprisingly- wasn’t able to reach the top 10 spots on Oricon. Instead, it was pushed back to #14. The explication might be that Anime Shops -which are not counted on the dailies- gave some Anime Singles a boost on the weekly index. The funny thing is that Shinku is only 2k away from getting #6!! Nevertheless, the single outsold her last 6 singles in one week -excluding Destiny- 😀



Shinku (Deep Crimson), is a very strong upbeat track! It kicks off with a Dramatic/Powerful music that flows until the verses begin. The verses are strong enough to carry the enormous power of the Chorus! I thought that it was the best part of the song and Hitomi’s vocals are so powerful ,yet, well controlled. I loved the bridge of the song too. The atmosphere of the song reminded me of Destiny though it’s a very different song O.o; Overall, I’d confidently say that Shinku is Hitomi’s Best A-Side song since the Legendary Destiny~Taiyou no Hana~ 🙂

Rating: 9.5/10

Ai no Uta (Love Poem), is a very beautiful ballad. The simplicity of the song makes it amazing! It features relaxing vocals, simple piano chords & lovely lyrics. Ai no Uta is very different from Shinku, actually, it’s the whole opposite (in genre not in quality) and it concentrates on the Hitomi’s voice rather than the music. The bridge is probably my favorite part of the song ❤

Rating: 9/10 (Though some people might find it boring at first; it’s a different type of ballad)

Shinku (A.C.E. 3 version), is a nice remix of Shinku used as the Opening song of Playsation 2 game A.C.E 3: The Final and Ai no Uta used as the Ending song of the same game. The remix starts with a short, yet , beautiful orchestral piece, then the normal Shinku intro music kicks off. The Pop instruments are laid back to give the orchestral instruments some space (as I noticed). There isn’t much differences between this and the OR version, well…


The single is definitely better than her previous one. It’s very well balanced, both songs are very enjoyable and you can get a free nice remix! I’d recommend this single it’s a good deal 😀

Overall Rating: A+






深紅(A.C.E 3 Version)


8 Responses to Shimatani Hitomi – Shinku/Ai no Uta (Review + DOWNLOAD)

  1. V_R_M says:

    love both songs…..! ^ ^
    but her hair is just so…… > . <

  2. aizmov says:

    dunno, i love her hair in the second picture lolz

  3. V_R_M says:

    she should’ve keep her loong black hair….
    btw, she looks too skinny in the first pic 😛

  4. aizmov says:

    the long hair was ❤
    but still i like this one too

  5. leia says:

    thanks for the reviews and uploads! i took what i could take. i’m in love with these songs right now. thanks!!

  6. zyerie says:

    i like the song!!!
    SHINKU in the A.C.E. version..eghn….not bad..
    i like that..hehehe…love this!!

  7. volrath77 says:

    Hey, I found this by accident while looking for this particular track – Shinku, ACE2 version. Used the link but it seems that it’s not available. Can you mail to me please? Thanks.

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