~ Video Games Special ~

~ Video Games Special ~

Recommendation: PERSONA 3




The first time I read ” OMG, D’z new single is so cool ” I got hooked up with this game lol, PERSONA 3 is a real life simulation RPG where you act as a high school student at the morning and a SHADOW fighter at the evening time…

The story starts when you reach the dorms of your new school that you are going and meet the new friends, at start you will just go to the school and do your own stuff until you discover that you have the power of PERSONA what can defeat the shadows and you must help this world to get ride of them…
The shadows are monsters appears only in the LOST HOUR that no one is aware of, it is an hour comes after the midnight and you have to use it to kill as much shadows as possible


This is the most important part of the game, in this game you will be a someone ” in my case his name is Aizmov ” you will play Aizmov’s life and make his decisions, at the morning time you have to go to school and learn things at night you have to go fight shadows, at school you will be able to meet new friends decide wither or not you go hang out with them, buy new singles with them, go to home to study or anything else, the key here the better the social link between you and the people the better your PERSONA strength will become, I really like how there is midterm exam and you can do either well or bad depend on the time you decide to study, if you kept hanging out with your friends all the days you all will get a low mark

The battle is unique and basic, you can fight with you persona powers, and when your character is tired it’s better to go back to the dorms to sleep

The music is SO UNIQUE, though I didn’t decided to put it in the special for today but I will put it in a separate topic soon enough

Rating: 9.5/10

BLUE DRAGON / Xbox360:


The game I am playing right now and the reason why I bought Xbox360 from the first place, Hiranobou Sakagushi and Nobou Uematsu to get to gather and make another strong RPG for this US console…

An ancient creature called Nene was searching for the power that will get his old powers back, so Nene started to attack the towns and cities to make some people get the power he needs then use them to suck it all for himself, our heros Shu, Jiru and Kluke will have this power and will start to develop it over the time.


Classical Japanese RPG game, you will go here and there open chest and meet bosses, and yeah there a lot of bosses

You will have your shadows to fight for you, you won’t see your characters move back and forth like the other RPG, each shadow will have a special power you choose, either Warrior, Monk, White Magic, Black Magic… etc

Refer to the OST section, it was produced by Nobou Uematsu, it’s ❤

Rating: 9/10

<<< I didn’t expect to give it this because I didn’t expect to like it but I did like it alot


5 Responses to ~ Video Games Special ~

  1. gameswag says:

    I kind of expected not to like Blue Dragon also, maybe I will give it a shot.

  2. aizmov says:

    i was surprised when i played that game…
    because when i layed the demo i wasn’t surprised…
    specialy after the DEMO of Eternal Sonata which looked much better than Blue Dragon, but the story kept getting better in Blue Dragon and the music helped too, i really loved the OST (am still uplaoding it in the OST special)…
    try Blue Dragon it does worth it…
    although eternal sonata also approaching XD
    and btw, if you for PS2 don’t miss PERSONA if you are RPG gamer, it’s DEH THING

  3. V_R_M says:

    I WANT PERSONA 3……! T ^ T
    but the artwork changed a lot…..
    I prefer the ones in the older series…..
    the anime typo artwork for this just doesn’t feel right….. >,<

  4. aizmov says:

    i am with you the older ones much better
    but the game itself is much improved and well done
    if you want the game i can seed it up for you until you download it all ^__^

  5. Mizzy says:

    o__O Ummm you can play co-op in Halo 1 and 2….you mean that they added the ability to play with 4 players in 3.
    And it’s the Hammer, not the hummer.

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