Hirai Ken ~ fake star ~ (Review + Download)

first sorry about the late update,,, i decided to give the 10000 VISITS a chance before i post something new,,, today we have Ken’s new single FAKE STAR


POP STAR was the song that took me along with Ken Hirai for the first time, though i didn’t like alot of his work later on but he came back with something kinda sequal, a new song called ” fake star “

that catchy sexy melody mixed with harsh lyrics is the pefrect way to discribe this sigle, although the MV of this song was kinda ” sexy ” with high volts, but still the song is very very sexy and catchy, oh yeah who is the fake love !!! that’s you

the cover is the single has that camel back, you remember the camel from his POP STAR single XD he is baaaaaaaaaaack

the jazz version was hot as well i like the paino intro, and no comment abput the POP STAR x fake star mash up 😛


Rating: 8.5/10


4 Responses to Hirai Ken ~ fake star ~ (Review + Download)

  1. V_R_M says:

    love the song…! * esp the jazz ver >.,<
    * wanting more Ken’s jazz ^ ^ *

  2. aizmov says:

    me too i really loved FAKE STAR
    i want he song ” COME BACK ” or something like that i couldn’t find it anywhere >__>

  3. ssssss says:

    hey, i reallllllllly love this song! and i’ve been looking everywhere to ddl. Thank u very much for making it available 4 me.

  4. aizmov says:

    sure, if you are looking for anything else just mention it around the blog i will be happy to share ^_^

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