WORST WEEK EVER! ~well, not really :p~

So, it was a Saturday… I got back home early that day because there were some unsolved administrative issues at school.. I was HAPPY, I thought ” yay! That’s great I’m gonna go listen to some music, post some entries and then sleep eternally!” Since it’s Ramadan (a Holy month for muslims, we fast in this month btw)

I opened the door, everybody was sleeping, I entered my room, changed my clothes, prayed… then Opened the Laptop! GUESS WHAT?! THE SCREEN IS B-R-O-K-E-N!!

I was like WTH?! What happened?! Dear my laptop!!AHHHHHHHHHHHH~

I was in shock for the rest of the day really. I won’t get to the investigation I made to catch the damn murder!! He murdered my dear SOULMATE! 😦

Told mom & dad, after a burning discussion I persuaded them to repare it.. Dad looked for a plasma screen and FOUND the one that fits!! YATTTTA~

but the price is a bit high :s 300$! They both were ok with it… I was kinda surprised that they agreed so fast XD but then TRAGEDY STRIKES!! The 300$ plasma screen is a “used one”… EH?!

Days passed, We won’t buy a used one! We want a new one!

The manager of the store where we bought the Laptop told dad they wasn’t any other Screen.. and they would bring some from Isreal in aa week or two.. but again.. the price is  high! 650$?! My life is gone with the wind.. 😦

and now I’m using the PC screen on my laptop, it’s DISTURBING! *arghhh*

“And this is how it went;
I am here to stay
Roaring with the wind
There’s life within
This is what I give
A circle is complete
Another circle spins
There’s life within


8 Responses to WORST WEEK EVER! ~well, not really :p~

  1. aizmov says:

    oh poor you, i was wondering where have you been !!!
    want new laptop ?!!!

  2. nes says:

    u sure can write ,, XD
    i enjoyed it and i know it was tough with u ,, but the way u were telling it was nice XD

    hope u get a new one soon ^^

  3. karimu says:

    Thanks for your support! I guess I should become a writer XD

    guys, I don’t need a new laptop, it’s just the screen 😛

  4. QUEENOO says:

    welcome back

  5. CBloss says:

    Eeks!!! Tragedy after tragedy. Stupid computer stores! >__<

  6. Broken_Dust says:

    you own Aizmov’s dairy!! you use colors and sometimes big or bold font, witch is neat, you even tell the story in a good way without confusing sentences.. Karimu .. FIGHTING =P !!

    Welcome Back =D

  7. karimu says:

    Thank you all for these compliments! I guess I should write quite often 😛

  8. aizmov says:

    told you b4 you should

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