NINKI numbers for next week are OUT!

Well first, I’d like to say that NINKI numbers (are) can be pretty useless! They might even be less that 50% accurate at times. Oh! And BoA‘s numbers are REALLY LOW… even lower than KEY OF HEART.. I don’t know about Sweet Impact though.

YUI tops the singles’ numbers & Otsuka Ai tops the Albums’… A pretty high number for Otsuka btw, I didn’t listen to the Album yet but, it looks/sounds quite promising 😀

NINKI Singles
91.60 YUI
51.70 Acid Black Cherry
49.40 BoA
24.60 Seamo
23.90 Sid
18.50 Biyuuden
16.00 Mell
14.20 Ayabie
13.40 Echizen Ryouma
12.60 The Pees


NINKI Albums
267.90 Otsuka Ai
152.40 Tokyo Jihen
44.10 Foo Fighters
36.00 Yazawa Eikichi (Your Songs 4)
35.70 Yazawa Eikichi (Your Songs 6)
35.50 Yazawa Eikichi (Your Songs 5)
33.60 Puffy
20.20 m-flo
18.70 Nakano Yoshie
18.50 Oda Yuji

Let’s wait & see.. ~risk~ XD


6 Responses to NINKI numbers for next week are OUT!

  1. aizmov says:

    i love you when you post these news lol
    well, look down at the NINKI evaluation, you can see the poll results i can’t find Acid Black Cherry anywhere above BoA =/
    Stupid NINKI, and because Ayum’s single will sell probably 60~70k this week i doubt BoA will cross over 45~50K =/
    and all Otsuka’s singles i heard after Frienger sux XD

  2. RSS says:

    boa is nowhere near ayumi anyways. she will sell at most 35k with her love letter single in the first week

  3. karimu says:

    ^ well, I guess you might be right! BoA hit #4 on the Chaku-Uta while YUI was on #23. 2 days passed, everything turned upside down! YUI hit #4 while BoA is only #16 😦

  4. aizmov says:

    is it LOVE LETTER?!!! and Chaku-Uta is just a ringtone download services, it’s used to be regular ringtones but now it has voices…
    sales this year are very low in general
    Koda’s hit 65K only while Yume no Uta hit 100K+ last year
    and i guess Avex did pretty well done job promotioning this single, just i hope it hits 100K in total

  5. karimu says:

    Chaku Uta is actually a pretty accurate reflection of how a single will do in the actual charts! If it hits Chaku-Uta it hits Oricon (i.e Winter Love/Nana Iro)

    and if flops on Chaku it flops on Oricon (i.e Sweet Impact) :/

    but I guess LOVE LETTER neither flopped nor hit, it’s actually in the middle O.o;

  6. aizmov says:

    4 days and we will see the first day sales, well i really start to doubt it now lolz

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