I’m not sure about the news but, there have been rumors across the web that Japanese Pop Star KODA KUMI is having a collaboration with the Korean boyband active in Japan DBSK aka TOHOSHINKI.

The Collab will be release as a single entitled LAST ANGEL on November 7th.

I guess it’ll be pretty intresting!! ๐Ÿ˜€


41 Responses to Koda Kumi X DBSK = LAST ANGEL!

  1. ns says:

    and i think DBSK are much better to do anything with her @@ <<< she really hate her..

  2. aizmov says:

    the news is true, she is having a collab with Fargie as well the US Singer for Resident Evil Extention

  3. karimu says:

    Fargie the one with 2007’s biggest HIT?! O__O;

  4. aizmov says:

    yup, they were shwoing up in POPTEEN magazine

  5. Broken_Dust says:

    Some Facts:

    -Oricon Yearly: #1
    -Koda is a DBSK fan-girl
    -She’s always after Yunho (poor him,I hope he doesn’t die while shooting the MV) x_x
    -Jaejoong will have more lyrics then Koda herself.
    -Xiah will own the song easily.
    -Micky will rap engRish.
    -If Changmin doesn’t scream in the song it will flop.
    -last but not least .. I hate Koda -__-

  6. aizmov says:

    not sure about #1 cuz i doubt there will be a pop-singer at this position EVER

  7. karimu says:

    #1 yearly is just IMPOSSIBLE, Sen no Kaze ni Natte owns the charts!!

  8. Broken_Dust says:

    as I said.. if Changmin doesnโ€™t scream the whole single will flop, but if he did scream.. it will hit #1 =P

  9. Sakura Blossom says:

    I hate dbsk and i hate kumi!! :/

  10. aizmov says:

    LOL XD

  11. rose says:

    you guys are just jealous.

    kumi may have a ‘slutty’ outlook, but her voice is by far one of the best.

    you may never know. with one extremely popular in japan, the rest being extremely popular in asia, why not an easy #1 yearly?

    p.s. i love both kumi and DBSK

  12. Zyerie says:

    i hope this song wont be disappointing…coz i got high hope for TVXQ…
    Singing together with Koda Kumi will do them good…
    i love both^^…Koda Kumi n TVXQ….
    ahh…so loving them..^^

  13. karimu says:

    rose: what are the chances for single to hit 1 Million in one month with the heavy decline of singles’ sales right now?! Impossible isn’t it!

    I’m not saying that it’ll be a flop or anything, it WILL hit for sure (well, depends on the song itself!)but not #1 Yearly :/

  14. karimu says:

    rose: what are the chances for single to hit 1 Million in one month with the heavy decline of singles’ sales right now?! Impossible isn’t it!

    I’m not saying that it’ll be a flop or anything, it WILL hit for sure (well, depends on the song itself!)but just not #1 Yearly :/

  15. aizmov says:

    i don’t actully recall when a POP singer ((girlz specialy)) hit #1 in the yearly singles

  16. karimu says:

    is Hikaru POP?! XD

  17. aizmov says:

    she is -____-;
    i don’t recall her being there anyways, 2002 ?!!!

  18. Xenobia says:

    Personally, I can’t wait for this single to be released. I have no idea who the group is, but I’ve been a Koda Kumi fan for 5 years now. I’ve never heard a song from her that I didn’t like. And with her previous single being absolutely gorgeous inside and out, I have VERY high hopes for this one.

  19. aizmov says:

    this one gonna be HOT yeah, look at the covers at the front page ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. mi says:

    Don’t know why everbody over here hates poor Kumi-chan..
    I’m happy they’ll make a single together, I love both and the preview sounds good..

  21. tori says:

    I just listened to the full version and Broken_Dust is sort of right about the song: Yoochun does a rap.. but its mostly her voice (it’s her single after all) and you hear a fair amount of Jaejoong. Changmin doesn’t scream but has a few high notes. I found the mp3 here: http://www.yuwie.com/profile/?id=149164

  22. aizmov says:

    thanks or sharing, well i like the song but not that much >_<

  23. mini says:

    hi, guys, i love dong bang shin ki and i have already the music video to it, and it’s really great, i too, don’t like koda very much, but i don’t hate her either!! but the song is hot and the dbsg guys too!!!! ^^ don’t bash bad about them!!!!

  24. Otegami_777 says:

    I love both artists and I must say honestly they are amazing
    they own the song!!!!!!!!!! they are just wonderful the single is soooooo good^^ and there both talented!

  25. aizmov says:

    yeah both singers managed to pull it off this time ๐Ÿ™‚
    Koda’s new album will be good i believe ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. sclover says:

    NO duh!
    all their songs
    are hecka awesome
    And they’re both EXTREMELY HOT…
    Koda is moi FAv singer
    so u guys don’t dare to make fun of her xP
    And DBSK their just plain SMEXY
    GRR…. i
    got so pissed at the ppl who like hates DBSK
    and koda
    *boo hoos*

  27. sclover says:

    Oh yea BTW have you
    guys heard of the new song
    called FOREVER LOVE?
    Its by DBSK..
    Its sooo sweet..
    too bad i have no idea what
    they are singing
    (the song is the 14th single
    and its japanese too!)
    Its really long 2… like six minutes

  28. elsie says:

    koda kumi is by far one of the worst jap singers desperately hinging on sex appeal to sell what she calls music! poor dbsk, being forced to sing along with her in that stupid song all dressed up looking like some pseudo rappers!

    dbsk you deserve much much better!
    and koda, you suck ass!

    yes sclover, forever love is one of their best songs yet! joongie looks darn adorable and minnie is simply hot in the vid with his new hair!

  29. aizmov says:

    but sometimes Koda pulls off a good music >_>
    Aishou of this year was COOOL O_O

  30. sclover says:

    yea ! koda sometimes pulls off good
    music… like uh…. BUT and like…CHerry girl..
    elsie… she doesn’t suck ass…
    oh well and like aren’t most / all Jap singers
    trying to have a sexy appeal?
    And yes DBSK
    man their hot in any music video^__^
    I like jaejoong’s hair
    he looks soo hot in blond..
    So is YUNHO my gosh
    yes minie is very hot in that music video…

  31. jaesu says:

    yeah Fighting Rose!!! I agree with you that the other tomodachi in this site just jealous, especially for U who hate dbsk and Koda, anyway I don’t know U but I know Dong Bang much and so far I know Koda not bad too because she get her popularity now with really2 hard and so difficult, U never ever know how is feel someone who always fail and refuse like her when she was try to be a star in japan. kuronika U have to this feel so U can like her. sorry before coz I just poor of them (dbsk&koda) they really work hard in their job so please respect them OK!!!

  32. jaesu says:

    I hope all of U guys can understand what I mean, I never have bad feeling or bad mean to U just please (with all my heart) stop this war coz it can make them………….. (how poor). just enjoy the song it’s gonna better. please………… could U?

  33. aizmov says:

    we are not fighting in anyway lol
    it’s just a cizilian conversation between each other ^_^

  34. sclover says:

    LOLZ nice way to put it… ^__=

  35. Hime_furuu93 says:

    I think Last Angel has a very good quality for a song.. And I’m agree with sclover. Doesn’t all singers try to have sexy look in their video?? So, Elsie, I don’t think that DBSK is forced to sing with Kumi.. If they disagree with it then they won’t do the PV so serious like what I’ve watch… They both look facinating I have to say… I love them both…

  36. aizmov says:

    not actully, song companies can force someone to do something specially avex, only big stars are not forced to do what they don’t please… Namie Amuro, BoA, Ayu and Koda have free well because of their name, but DBSK are not, so far… but well it’s to their benifit to sing with Koda Kumi

  37. sclover says:

    Yea! Go Hime_furuu93 ! nearly all singers have a tendency to show a sexy appeal =__+
    I guess…. But they still do have a sexy apeal…
    like in hiyaya they were like topless O__O
    wouldn’t u call that having a sexy appeal?
    well their hot neways…
    and I guess u can call it a benifit…. =_=

  38. Vahnm says:

    I’m posting here… because I know someone will find it and see, even though this is old.

    Koda Kumi has an unrefined voice. She has the potential to become a very good singer, but her looks have really pulled her much farther than her voice. Her voice is nasal, impure, and generally uncontrolled… She does need singing lessons.

    I don’t know how the song did with ranking, but I heard the version with her and without her, and the version without her didn’t make me want to cover my ears…


  39. Personally, I LOVED “LAST ANGEL feat. DBSK”. I think it’s one of the best collaborations Kuu-chan’s ever done. Their voices blended really well and the song was a huge success.

    I don’t know why half of you keep bashing on one artist or the other. It’s a great song and everyone did an amazing job at singing it and shooting the music video.

    I never even know DBSK existed until they collaborated with Kuu. Now I’m a big DBSK fan. So people…just shut up bashing Kuu and shut up bashing DBSK. They’re both AMAZING artists and 90% of you are just being biased.

  40. DunlikeKodaLoveDBSK says:

    My name says it all – I dun like Kuu-chan but I love DBSK, but I gotta admit, Koda’s voice blends in pretty well in Last Angel.

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