~**~ OMG ~**~

been busy these days though i have 3 singles and 2 albums to upload for you but after the events in Day 37 i needed time to arrange myself,,, so i hope i will post what i am preparing for you tomorrow,,, for today i found this in my e-mail,,, OMG,,, it says that this whole just came from nothing,,, the ground just drop down and made this big whole >__>




7 Responses to ~**~ OMG ~**~

  1. CBloss says:

    Wow!!!! O.o That’s kind of scary. It sounds like one of those random earth things. Do you know if anyone went down with the hole? …or have tried to go down in it?

  2. aizmov says:

    Yes, there are houses went donw there as the report says
    about people trying to go down there nothing really mentioned… but poor people in these houses >__<

  3. CBloss says:

    No kidding! Wonder if their insurance would cover this? O.o

  4. aizmov says:

    it seems it’s a 3rd world country from the houses around i doubt they have insurance coverage over there

  5. Broken_Dust says:

    We even have holes like this in our neighborhood, they started popin’ last month, four till now ^^ but they’re not this huge!! not even 1/25 this size O_O

    the theory says:
    In the near future people will start living in earth’s core thanks to these random holes, lava will replace water, and dust will replace pure air, somehow trees will manage to survive in heat,, and whoever thought human technology will let us live in outer-space you’re dreaming !!

    btw.. I just came with this sick theory, so don’t panic everything is fine .. Hopefully XD

  6. karimu says:

    That’s where earth “Takes out her gas” you fools XD

  7. aizmov says:


    BD => living in the outter space ❤

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