i got my copy of Halo 3 a week ago and as i promised i will write about it for everyone interested

Before i describe the game and what’s within it i invite everyone passing over this page to add me in the Xbox LIVE service so we can hit in the game 😀
my gamer tag is : Aizmov
and you will catch me alot in LIVE playing Halo and Eternal Sonata these days
so let’s ROCK and kill each others or maybe kill others in the same team 😀

as of the reports came from BUNGIE and Microsoft the Halo 3 launch date considered as the biggest launch of video games industry so far, they managed to sell more than 170 million $ worth of copies, that’s around 1.7 million copies in the first day only…
and to not say this is a false statement, when you log yourself into the LIVE service in Halo 3 servers you will see more than 500,000 players waiting to get your face ripped of the ground, after just 24 hours from the launch date Microsoft reported that the game has registered about 1,2 million gamer tag in the LIVE services and 300,000 activation account, which made the service to go down from the pressure…
They are even happier because this video game even beated Hollywood’s best hit names like Spider Man 3 which hit 151 million $ for the first day…
yes video games industry can bring you more money lol

~ What’s New ? ~
New Graphics:

though the graphics is not the best that you will ever seen on Xbox360 but it’s not bad at all, the environment are much better than the old one though you will see some old maps still in there and new ones that much better in graphics all around…

New Weapons:
in addition to the weapons we got used to play with in Halo 2 you will get more improved and better weapons this time, i like the hummer weapon thingie, when i hit a player he flies to another level lol XD


New Equipments Choices:
by pressing X you can use special Equipments some of them are enhancing ones like a shield and some can work as a mass bombs that can destroy everything around it

CO-OP in Campaign:
you can now co-op in the campaign section (story mode) with your friends to finish the game together, tell me about it, it RAWKS lol ask Blues Addict XD

New Multiplayer Battles:
this time it’s not only few choices of multiplying, you have alot of different choices to join different type of mini-games solo or with teams against more than 1.7 million player all around the world, you can even use you mic to speak with them while playing not to mention there new level up system where you get a Sapartan Rating when ever your skills get better in the online gaming

you will be able to save photos and video from-your previous games into you HD and preview them later, i love this idea specially that i am forgetting alot of things these days because eof my MS, i have 2 videos that can make you blow out laughing because of what happened in there XD


~ Halo 3 to the end ~
This is the last chapter of the trilogy of Halo where the fight must decide weather or not the humans will continue living on this planet or not
though i played Halo 2, missed the first one, but i still on track with the story, they even put a small review about it in the game booklet, the story mode isn’t as fun as the multiplayer but it’s still good enough


~ All in All ~
am not FPS player because i love RPG more
but this game get you into Addiction DIRECTLY
i guess it deserves the GOTY
Rating: 9.8/10


5 Responses to Halo 3 ~ LET’S PLAY TOGATHER ~

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  2. hamza says:

    how do i start co-op it wont let me message me back at yahoo.com hamza_1224@yahoo.com

  3. daniel says:

    yo mhm how do u play more den one player on one x box

  4. Aizmov says:

    you make him sign in as a guest, that’s all

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