BoA’s LOVE LETTER.. a flop?! Not Really!! + Other news




BoA’s 23rd Japanese Single 「LOVE LETTER」 ranked #3 on Oriocn with sales over 28,000 copies in 6 days. Slightly better than her previous one 「Sweet Impact」 (26k) but still a rather poor performance for a BoA single, especially a Ballad single with 3 quality songs! I was actually shocked by this number since BoA has been promoting the single very well! More than 4 TV Performances (and counting), Magazine Appearances, a Special Site & a Special LOVE LETTER Event!!

In the other hand, the song has been doing well on Downloads, both Mobile & PC downloads. LOVE LETTER hit #1 on iTunes and #4 on Chaku-Uta . The song has just been released on and hit #2 in a few days only while (Beautiful Flowers ranked #12 and Diamond Heart #17)

Conclusion: The song is far from being a flop, really! She hit #3 on the Physical Charts, and with the market’s decline, 28,000 in 6 days is no longer a flop IMO. Digital Sales show the real strength of the single, though we’re still waiting for the RIAJ certification , I’m pretty sure the song will hit more than a Double Platinum (500,000).

+BoA featured in SEAMO’s next Album!

Yes, that’s true! A Collaboration song between Hip-Hop Singer SEAMO and Pop Princess BoA will be available on SEAMO‘s New Album ROUND ABOUT. The Song’s title is 「Hey Boy, Hey Girl」 this will be quite interesting 😀 It’s been a long time since BoA has done any collab :/ The Album is set to be released on October 31st.


02. ラップの花道
03. Fly Away
04. Hey Boy, Hey Girl feat. BoA
05. 君のとなり
06. Cry Baby
07. おいしいごはん
08. Do It! feat. MICRO & KURO
09.. Chilling, Chilling
10. 料理三銃士 feat. 一撃&KookaiV10
11. Hot!
12. 宝島 feat. hiroko
13. 空
14. 軌跡
15. From Now
16. おかえり

ps: Sorry for being absent the past few days, I had exams 😛


6 Responses to BoA’s LOVE LETTER.. a flop?! Not Really!! + Other news

  1. aizmov says:

    this single is way from flopping !!!
    but the general sale figures in Oricon is just keep on dropping and i believe Oricon will start count the Downloads sales with the CD slaes on the charts soon…
    about Hey Boy Hey Girl, i just was listening to Kiseki of SEAMO last week and i really love it (will uplaod it for the blog) and when i read she is going to sing with him i was like WOOOHAAAA XD

  2. hairieusoff says:

    BoA produced kewl music but i love to keep Mika nakashima’s 永遠の詩 to my earphone..

  3. HE says:

    I like the way she sing…

  4. aizmov says:

    didn’t hear Mika’s new single yet, deseves a review ?!!!

    BoA never dispoint me, but i don’t really know what’s going on in the Japanese market XD ?!!!

  5. karimu says:

    Mika’s song is doing bdly on the charts :/

  6. aizmov says:

    who doesn’t?!!!

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