Sawajiri Erika: When a Drama Queen turns B!tchy!



During an event, held September 28, to launch and promote her latest movie Closed Note, Erika looked extremely annoyed about something…and took it out on everyone else! Sporting an ugly green dress, awful makeup and some strange looking hair, Erika kept her arms crossed a lot of the time and muttered three little sentences throughout the whole event. When asked what her favorite scene was, Erika replied “I didn’t have one” in a very rude and touchy tone.She was also asked whether she was going to take anything away from this experience and she replied “No”. She continued this behaviour throughout the event and looked like she couldn’t wait to leave. She’s been slammed by celebrities and fans alike. Wada Akiko has labeled her as “unprofessional” and “full of herself” and although she has always been known for her diva-like attitude, this incident really took it to the next level. This behaviour has crushed fans with many feeling like their idol has turned her back on them. Erika issued an apology on her homepage on October 2 stating that she knew what she did was wrong and that she felt like she betrayed her fans. She also promised to learn from this experience.


Well, this is bad bad for Erika! I really like her and I think she’s a very talented person. Erika is facing a huge attack from the Japanese media & newspapers, the Web is full of topics about this strange incident and she’s been trashed everywhere for this attitude.


Career wise, Erika is planning to release a new single by the end of next November, the single is entitled 「Destination Nowhere」, ironically, Nowhere might be the destination of her career! Erika has already lost her contract with Subaru and I don’t know if this is gonna be the first of a chain!

It should be interesting to see the Japanese reaction, will her single top the charts like her 1st two did?! No one knows really!

ERIKA @ Closed Note Promo Event

ERIKA Apologies to Japan (Edited Link)





nice comic from MSN




35 Responses to Sawajiri Erika: When a Drama Queen turns B!tchy!

  1. aizmov says:

    Now I hate her ^_^
    i hate self-centered people
    and the appearnce she got in the stage was ” i am forced to come here, and look i am now RICH, so STFU ”
    let her apologize for years -__-
    i don’t care -__-;

    • Lollipop says:

      hey! she is not self-centered!!! she had like over 100 interview for that movie and had been asked the same question!!! even! the interview was forced upon wada akiko because she didnt like her for her attitude on TV as a cool actress. Wada Akiko was afraid that someone was gonna steal her top place in the Famous world. She is a good actress! she might have a cool, tough, in a way rude attitude. but i think that, this is okay! If that is the real her then i am happy. I was happy that she had the guts to show her real self to everyone. What she did at the interview was wrong but she apologized! she doesent need to apologize for years! its okay that u dont like her and everything and that u dont care but im not gonna let everyone talk bad things about her!

      • Yukki says:

        Being honest and true to yourself is completely different from simply RUDE! Keep on licking your lollipop if you think they meant the same.

      • Lollipop says:

        no! i am not gonna let ppl say whatever they want about her! she apologized and that is enough! she might’ve been rude but do you think she meant to do that on purpose!

      • Matt says:

        You do realize that she was quoted as saying that her management forced her to apologize and that it was completely insincere, right?

  2. TLFantasy says:

    My best JP actress!!
    Why did she do that? t_t

  3. aizmov says:

    money dude MONEY and FAME
    and when she felt that she got noticed and banished for that
    she got some tears in front of cameras -___-;
    i can HIT YOUR FACE then come crying to you then HIT YOUR FACE AGAIN -.-;
    tears are for free, not like the single tear !!

  4. TLFantasy says:

    lol.. That’s why I hate lotsa celebrities -_-

    She should’ve dropped 1 litre of tears. 😛

  5. karimu says:


    Hey, stop bashing her!! XD

  6. aizmov says:

    i will keep bashing her till the end 😛
    everytime i remember how she answered the newspaper woman, lol she said ” NANI ?!! ” lol XD
    she really got shocked from the answer XD

  7. aizmov says:

    lollook at the comic i just put up there XD

  8. DSayno says:

    LooooL .. Nice comic, buddy!! XD
    It really suits her! XD

  9. TLFantasy says:

    Poor Erika >.>

  10. ns says:

    don’t know her ,, don’t care .. but i heard about her , she’s 4 sure looking ARROGANT !!!!

  11. karimu says:

    Why are you guys so unforgiving?! so what? She made a mistake, she was in a bad mood!!!

    btw: nice coomic XD

  12. aizmov says:

    this comic ROX whenever i see it i laugh XD
    Karimu, i am ready to forgive her, but this thing just make me fustrated XD

  13. CBloss says:

    ^^; You guys are so funny. Can’t say I blame some of the rude things said against Erika. Loved her in Taiyou no Uta. -^^- Kind of disappointed in the way she looked and acted at the opening for Closed Note. Gotta love the reaction to the reporter. Oh well, we all have our off days…fashion and/or attitude. 😛

  14. aizmov says:

    i loved her in her drama as well…
    but me acting this attitude NO WAY >_>
    lol about the fashion XD
    can’t get along with her dress XD

  15. karimu says:

    I gotta say she looked so off with that hair and dress :/

    I hope her apology will be accepted by the Japanese public, even the hostess cried XD

    Wondering how well will her single do on charts .__.

  16. RamuneNaruMI says:

    She’s known for bein’ a bitch to the people behind the scenes. Now the fans finally got to see her. Whatever station that played and funded “1 Litre of Tears” won’t let her be on any of their station’s shows anymore she was such a bitch! The director even said that she was rude to the mother of the real girl she was playing when she came to the set!

  17. karimu says:

    ^ What?! Really?! so her career is completely ruined :/

  18. will says:

    lol bullshit don’t believe that loser. Her career is not ruined. ROFL

  19. aizmov says:

    lol so she is mean 😛 ?!!!
    lolz XD

  20. sljinu says:

    Who cares if she acted like a bitch lol. I mean, all we want to do is she her act and sing right?? 99.9% of us will never get a chance to meet and get to know her in person so if she acted like a bitch, who’s it gonna hurt? Not me!

  21. aizmov says:

    i hate bitchy people in real life >_>
    that may effect me tho >_>

  22. kingofsorrow says:

    best publicity stunt i’ve seen in a while. and the stupid public is eating it up. now watch, in a year she’ll be sitting on top.

  23. Zyerie says:

    cant believe that she is like this now…o_O”’

  24. aizmov says:

    i’m watching the ” 1 Liter of Tear ” special right now
    lol i still tearful, OMG memories XD

  25. mitch the bitch says:

    yes indeed… it IS LACK OF SEX, guys!!! don’t you understand??

  26. ehhh says:

    looks like someone needs a break from their video tapes 😛

    anyway its a mistake, and we should be able to give her a chance to regain* herself

    *can’t find the right word… re- something… 🙂
    she’s on a break nows anyway so she’ll come back better x)

    OFF COURSE PEOPLE GET PISSED OFF WHEN REPORTER KEEPS ANOOYING HER. Do u noe how many fkin times reporter ask her questions?. Dude… everyone gets annoyed sometimes man…. So what if she act in a rude way?

    r u guys that retarted?. off course people cant smile all the time. She has a lot of conflicts to face and u guys …. dont even think about her feelings and talk shit about her?.

    dude…. if u r a fan of her… beleive her…. DUn care if this offences anyone but, FUCK OFF REPORTER, WT U DO IS SPY OTHER PEOPLES LIFE. I FKIN ACT IN A BAD WAY, pick nose etc. CELEBRATIES ARE HUMAN BEING U RETARD.

    And my name is Kento Fukumori. If u have anything to say, bring it on. Mail me,

  28. Elaine says:

    I agree her attitude was unacceptable but we should be forgiveable because human makes mistakes, we should learn to forget and forgive. She had already apologise. A lot of celebrities don’t have the courage to apologise, but she is brave to apologise and she had already known her mistakes, its time we should forget about this matter and look at the side wherer she had already changed 🙂

  29. Erika's Lover says:

    I still love her.
    So what if she’s had a bad day. Like we’re all perfect.

    She was just playing another character to show another side of her acting. 😉

    So lay off my woman!

  30. celebrities without any makeup…

    […]Sawajiri Erika: When a Drama Queen turns B!tchy! « One Single Tear[…]…

  31. […] message: if you’re really hungry, you might get cranky and turn into a bitch like Erika Sawajiri, so eat a Snicker’s […]

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