Koda Kumi ~ Last Angel Covers ~

the covers for Koda’s new single ” LAST ANGEL feat THSK ” is finally out:

i love them both, but from this appearance this single gonna be HOT XD


14 Responses to Koda Kumi ~ Last Angel Covers ~

  1. CBloss says:

    OMG! Koda doesn’t have any finger nail art! *faints* x_x Never thought I’d live to see the day.

    I do agree, though. 🙂 They are both awesome!

  2. ns says:

    nice colors but still , i really REALLY hate her … a strong feeling XD btw , i wish the guys were also in the covers !!!

  3. N/A says:

    Could she possibly be wearing this outfit in the PV?

  4. aizmov says:

    CBloss: LOOOOOOOOOOOL yeah true, this is a first XD no freaky nails XD

    ns: yeah in Koda x Exile they were in the cover >_>

    N/A: i doubt so, it won’t fit THSK all-in-white outfit they came with

  5. karimu says:

    I thought it was Koda X THSK not Koda feat.THSK :/
    The covers are so great though!

  6. ello42 says:

    oh man .. she is my all time favor 😀

    i really love her outfit .

  7. aizmov says:

    her outfit is the best 😀

  8. Scott says:

    The covers are really cool! She looks more like her sister Misono in these covers I think.

  9. Xenobia says:

    Gah. She rocks so hard. THSK’s good, too. Never heard of them before this and they didn’t disappoint me. Ha. Buying the album the day it’s released. ^.^

  10. sclover says:

    yea.. why do u guys call them thsk?
    thats more gay than the name TVXQ..
    ne ways i thought that her cover shold have TVXQ in it too….
    that’ll be even more cool
    i am not saying ints not cool =__=

  11. aizmov says:

    there is no V in Japanese
    there is no X in Japanese
    and there is no Q in Japanese
    so thier Japanese name is Tohoshinki
    or THSK
    i love to call them DBSK though lol XD

  12. sclover says:

    yes i kinda knw that
    but tks…
    cuz u knw i’m a HARD CORE fan
    yes DBSK
    but the name TVXQ is
    hecka better
    dude cuz its chinese u knw
    and i’m chinese.. get the link?

  13. aizmov says:

    oh right XD
    got the link XD
    but as you are chinese
    i used to live in Japan
    so the japanese name it is XD
    how funny XD

  14. sclover says:

    nice u japanese?
    man thats awesome
    I been to tokyo
    yup tohoshinki right?
    yea i think…..

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