yahooo, first full korean album, and i am sharing this b4 i leave ^__^

Jung Chul, or as i call him ” NS’s best buddy “…
NS introduced him to me with the song ” if i could ” long time ago
i wasn’t hooked up with him, but now after he got a second album i gave it a try
and now i say, i am hooked with this singer lol

IDENTITY – Jung Chul


keeping this so short, album full of Ballads and R&Bs, i will just review the most important songs…

사랑은 왜 해: wow, from the first listen i didn’t feel this song at all, but after my second listen i can say this song rocks, piano theme song, well i don’t know what he is saying though, but his charming and warm voice can blow you up, i really really really love the chorus so beautiful…

위대한 여인 (feat. Jo PD: HOT R&B song, while i was telling NS, THE NEW ALBUM DOESN’T HAVE A SONG LIKE SPONGE, i got this one, i don’t know who is raping with him, but i love how the song goes it’s really really cool…

if i could: this song is the first song i ever heard for Jung Chul, he released it in  korean and english, i still love it more in english but i tell you that, DO NOT MISS THIS SONG

I Believe: ok before downloading any other song of him , YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THIS SONG FIRST… i can’t even describe how beautiful this R&B Ballad is, i’m putting it in my PSP and keep listening to it the whole way in my trip tomorrow… wow Jung Chul you made my week >_>

OVERALL: long time i didn’t hear a good Korean album, though this is not ” EXTREME ” but it deserve to download the bolded songs at least ^_^

사랑은 왜 해 8/10
위대한 여인 8/10
if i could: 9/10
i believe: 9.5/10
Over All: 8/10

사랑은 왜 해 | 사랑은 외롭다 | 초심으로 | 위대한 여인 (feat. Jo PD) | My love II | if i could | I Believe | 잠시라도 | 넌 참 좋은 사람


8 Responses to Jung Chul ~ IDENTITY ~ BEFORE I LEAVE

  1. ns says:

    OMG !!! I think I’ll cry @@ u wrote about him !! waaaah finally , JC ROCK anyway ❤ my all time best singer .. still wanna more albums cuz whenever i hear his voice i swear I CAN’T TURN OFF his music <333
    still didn’t listen to the album and all i’m thinking (YAY I GOT AN ALBUM AND SINGLE TO LISTEN TO LATER) if it wasn’t Ramadan i would be in a miss getting addicted to that guy …

    the song 위대한 여인 feat. Jo PD ,, getting exited just knowing that PD sang with him cuz i know him b4 and his Rap is just great ! i think when i first met u , i gave u a song called the line or something like that by brown eyes girls and the Rapper was him !!! don’t know if u remember that !!?

    i hope I Believe will be similar to ONE ,, and b4 he resealed this albums it’s always great just to see English tracks names ,, cuz i just know it will be great !!!!
    and for real he’s the only artist that made me like all the tracks just like Ray XD

    nice gift form him in my Eid !!! i’ll be busy listening and loving the tracks XD ~ and it’s nice of u to write about him <<< she thought u’ll never do that cuz she keep talking about him all the time ..but i guess u can talk all the time about the other one now 😛 ,, just kidding XD <<< my Over All for him and even b4 i listen: 100000/10 ❤
    ^ guess never make it to be a judge … since i tend to take sides a lot XD

  2. aizmov says:

    I Believe > ONE 😛
    i’m really happy that i made you happy by writing this XD
    btw, this is the longest comment in the blog lol XD
    anyway his album is great, I Believe ❤

  3. ns says:

    yeah , nice topic … and i know i kinda lose it when it come to him ,, thats why it was a long comment XD

  4. karimu says:

    I should try him I guess >.>

  5. Broken_Dust says:

    Wins the “Lovely Album Award” from me ^^

    Thanks NS for telling me about him!! he sometimes looks and sounds like Xiah Junsu (from DBSK), when ever he makes a solo song you’ll be the first to be reported by me, since it’s your style =)

  6. ns says:

    yeah !!!! I honestly don’t know if he’s similar to Junsu but thx god u didn’t say the other one ~ forget XD <<< she hate him ,, don’t even remember his name XD

    anyway ,that made me more curious to concentrate more on Xiah style XD

  7. Broken_Dust says:

    lol I think you hate Max Changmin, but I don’t know why?? he’s cool, I don’t like his classic songs it’s not my taste, but his rock songs are great!! and I even love his dance style, I’ve learnt alot from him ^^

    yea, concentrate on Xiah, you’ll like him =D

  8. ns says:

    I already like Xiah but my FAV is U-Know <333 ~ btw , Max new hair looks so ugly , sorry to say that but i least , I got it out of my chest !! OHHH << feel much better ~
    why does he remind me of Indian ppl XD with that long hair !!

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