going in my trip ^__^
Karimu will keep this blog up until i come
so it is not gonna stop ^__^
i hope to see you guys in a week ^__^


20 Responses to ~ I AM OFF NOW ~

  1. CBloss says:

    *waves* Have funnn~~! Enjoy!

  2. ns says:

    save trip ^^ and make sure to enjoy the hell of it XD

  3. karimu says:

    take care honey! I’ll be baby sitting the blog alone this time XD

  4. what trip are you going on?

  5. ellison80 says:

    have you seen my pictures

  6. ellison80 says:

    just having break now what r u doing

  7. whats your name ? mines philip

  8. ellison80 says:

    how are you today im fine thanks .

  9. philip says:

    are you able to talk for a while?

  10. philip says:

    guess who back online?

  11. philip says:

    i have really missed you so much can you chat for a while?

  12. philip says:

    hey babe you can talk tonight yea cos i missed you!

  13. philip says:

    can you talk an hour yes or no?

  14. ellison80 says:

    are you there because i have got loads to tell you?

  15. ellison80 says:

    i have got a new girlfriend called laura harvey!

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