Koda Kumi – LAST ANGEL ft.THSK (Review)



LAST ANGEL is, as I expected, a very upbeat-full-of-energy track! Though it sounds like an EXILE song, pretty much similar to 24 karats in my opinion. NOT a bad thing of course since I kinda like this genre of songs. Koda‘s vocals are strong and well balanced. The Chorus is very cathcy and I loved the rap phase though I hoped it was longer! The bridge is a great interlude to the final chorus. An excellent song ๐Ÿ˜€

I know I sound sorta disappointed and I am. I thought DBSK would do more than supporting Kumi‘s vocals :/ but It’s still a featuring and not a full Collaboration after all…

Note: 9/10

Dear Family is the opposite of LAST ANGEL, a relaxing ballad. Koda‘s vocals are great and I liked the melody. This is still a b-side, so…

Note: 7.5/10




12 Responses to Koda Kumi – LAST ANGEL ft.THSK (Review)

  1. CBloss says:

    Yay! Can’t wait to listen to the latest Koda song! Thanks~!

  2. Zyerie says:

    yes!! finally!!!
    finally….am gonna listen then am gonna comment more..
    so curious about da song!!!

  3. Broken_Dust says:

    lol early leak =P

    Koda:- Nicely timed the words with the rhyme.
    JaeJoong + Changmin:- Hyper Rockish style โค
    Yunho + Yoochun:- Awesomely awesome Rap =D
    Junsu:- He simply owned the song with his.. Yeah~~ (1:26)

    I see the song more happy then it’s scary, dunno if it will fit Resident Evil?? I think it’s more like an anime song,, anyway.. CAN’T WAIT FOR THE MV!!

    didn’t hear “Dear Family” since sendspace is blocked in my net, but I don’t really care, I’ll wait for the single.

  4. karimu says:

    Entry Updated.. I added a fast review :p

  5. aizmov says:

    i loved the song for a while then hate it for another while >_>

  6. Zyerie says:

    after listening for a couple of times…
    i guess…ehn…da song is just okay…
    not really booming in my head…
    *am i complaining too much?? T___T *
    I love Koda n THSK T___T

  7. aizmov says:

    i love them both too, but i don’t feel the song lol XD
    i like the BEAT though lol XD

  8. Zyerie says:

    yeah..dats why aizmov….
    i feel da beat too…
    nah everyone..i made myself a mobile tone from that song..
    try these…

    i make that in two version..^^


    aizmov… listen to da second one then listen to the first..
    what do you think^^

    i feel da beat..^^

  9. aizmov says:

    i LOVE the second one ALOR lol
    thanks for sharing you rawk ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Xenobia says:

    I love the songs, personally. Koda Kumi sounds great, as always, and THSK are pretty good. I had never heard of them before this, and their parts in the song’s quite catchy. I fell in love with the song when only the 43 second clip had been released and when the full version finally came out, I couldn’t stop listening to it. Maybe I’m biased.

    And Dear Family was just gorgeous. I’ve yet to be disappointed by Kuu. ^.^

  11. classicaldancer says:

    have you guys SEEN the mv? on youtube? WOW. all i’m saying is that it’s amazing. And Jaejoong is to die for.

  12. aizmov says:

    yes, the MV is being uplaoded in spreat topic ๐Ÿ˜€
    discussion will be there ๐Ÿ˜€

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