~ Q8 Special Trip ~

One Single Tear ~ Q8 2007 Special ~



One Single Tear Day 52 – 56 ~ Mr.Chocolate Smiles, no more ~

am finally back from my trip and i have to say, i never been comforted and happy since last April when Sara died and things started to get ugly along the month followed… i even had my second best birthday, yeah the first is the one when i went to BoA 2005 Arena Tour for my 20th Birthday… but this one strongly ranked second, let’s see

my mother woke me up, ” WE ARE GOING NOOOOW “, eh i didn’t sleep well, i feel tired, but i am so excited, yes i feel so postive about this i don’t know why the hell i felt negative yesterday, i wore up my clothes and packed up my laptop and bag, yes i am ready
we started the trip at 1:00 PM so we expected to reach our destination around night, we started the trip and after about 30 mins from that i remembered that i forgot my laptop -.-; i promised some people in Q8 to give them some stuff 😦
anyways, hard luck, all along the road we were watching that movie of Nicolas Cage about 9/11 thingie, sad movie, but killed the time we needed to spend in the road… after about 5 hours we arrived to Q8 haaaaaaaaa…

my first impression was ” WOW this country really got changed from the last time i was here, i love it ^_^ “… we didn’t get lost searching for our hotel it was right ahead of us in the middle of the country and near the down town and stuff like that… we arrived to hotel and someone told us not to forget to give ” Raya Mall ” a visit it’s part of the hotel… well i get into my room put my bag on changed my clothes and went down to that mall, it was almost empty XD
here where Faisal called me telling me that we have to meet tomorrow, i gave him the OK and went to continue my round in the mall, when i finished that round i felt dizzy, really dizzy, i decided to go to my room, when i reached there, i went right to my bed and called my brother, they decided to go out for dinner but i felt that dizzy so i decided to stay… kept watching TV until slept…

i woke up 6:00 AM, it’s EID ^_^
i sit and started to write SMS for Eid, and i sent to about 45 of my friends >_>
eh, i was shocked from the number, because i never counted how many friend i have, but with my new mobile i had to count them XD
my mother called me to go with her for breakfast in the hotel lobby then we went out to spin around the down town, OMG it was empty >_> just like if there were a zombie will hit on me from behind or something like that XD
we went back to the hotel then got my brothers and went to have lunch, ummmm it was a sea food restaurant here when i got a phone call from mahmoud to arrange our meeting today, then i called Eisa to arrange our meeting for tomorrow…
we went inside ” Marina Mall ” after wards, then i told my family that i will go back to the hotel to get ready to go out with my friends

reached the hotel, and found the room cleaner guy there… he asked for my card XD though i don’t live in there XD
anyways i got fully ready with my ” cool outfit ” for the first day i got a call from mahmoud saying that they are down there, i went out to meet them at the lobby, and when i got there i found mahmoud, faisal and nasser in there…
mahmoud stand and came to me, my impression was ” OMG HE IS TALL “, which gave him the title of ” The Unexpected “, followed by faisal which i gave him ” The White Hearted ” because I FELT IT and for another reason coming on ward… nasser got his nick name as ” THE SHOW STAR ” and you will know why later… we got into nasser’s car and then we decided to go to ” Rehab Mall ” we went there laughing and commenting in the car and deciding which restaurant we will go to, had little argument about that with muhammed who wanted Sushi club XD
in the mall i we got a call from Eisa telling us he is down there, so we went out to greeting him
and out we found him with Yousef bounty and another Yousef YAAAAY XD
we greeting him and double check our metting tomorrow, my first impression was ” OK now i am excited for tomorrow ^_^ ” they are all seems to be good guys and all 😀
we decided to go to the resturtant after i got my ” Odin Sphere ” DVD for PS2…

we reached the restaurant and they show me the private section DoAhahahahaha, i waited not to order until Muhammed and Abdullah come, because they didn’t agree on the restaurant so i told them i won’t order until they come ^_^
when they came i ordered from Muhammed’s choice took some pictures with my friends and trading some chit chat from here and there, we found Eisa and the other guys in there, i believe there were 2 more people ummmm…
i looked at the watch and found out it’s about my birthday time 😀
i told them it’s my BD time and stuff they greeting me then we continued chit chating ^_^

suddenly some of us disappeared and some stay still, well they have another friends in another table so i thought they went to talk with them and HERE WHERE I STARTED TO HEAR, ” Happy Birthday To You ” song i was like ” OMG O_______O ” then ” OMG (@O___O@) ” and they brought down a CUTE CAKE with a candel lolz, i blow it up and abdullah said ” MAKE A WISH DUDE ” i smiled but actully i made a wish lolz XD, PRIVATE PRIVATE 😛
later on they asked me about my age, yeah i turned on 22 >_> i am aging, here where someone of them pop up asking me about where in KSA i am and stuff like these ^__^
later i got informed that it was Faisal’s ” The White Hearted ” idea… after that we went out getting muhammed and abdullah and then went to the car, singing with some songs YES IT IS EID we have to nfellha 😀
until we arrived to the hotel, here where the day ended… WAS HELLA FUN, tomorrow is another day

PART7 ~ My Birthday ~
i will cut out what i wrote about the morning part, it just when my mother gave me a gift and all and go directly to where i met Eisa and the others
i met Faisal ” The Calm ” ((i know some people well say NOOOOOOO HE IS NOT but i don’t know that’s my impression lolz))…

we were having our trip to ” Marina Mall ” with MAX MUSIC VALUE looooool
YEAH IT’S MY BD LET’S PARTY, and yes yes i wasn’t the STAR, nasser was 😀
i like how energanic this guy is 😀 that was hella fun
we arrived to a coffee called TCHE TCHE in the mall and we got our table in there… i met Hammed there for the first time 😀
got informed he was busy and will leave soon, BUT i really appricate that he came all the way to see me, i really appreciated thaaaaaat
we stayed togather in there, i was talking with Eisa most of the time and all…
until Aziz came as well… then followed by Saoud,,, they were the 2 extra guys from yesterday hoooooooo, i found it funny when saoud came and said ” i told you 5 mins ago am coming, 1st where is my order (( we pointed to it )), 2nd WHERE IS MY CHAIR ?!!! “,, i remember at the time i was chit chating with saoud about my country and laughing about Yousef and Nasser’s comments, and talked for a lil while with Eisa about BoA and then we decided to have dinner in ummmmmmmmmmm… Hard Rock

i got invited to Aziz’s car he was so hostable
and we were the first guys to reach the Hard Rock nyahahahaha
got a picture for it 😛 and then rushed inside and after a while the other people came
i remember, Eisa being aside of me and gain his title ” The Watcher ” we shared some ring tones and MP3s… i remember talking with saoud at the end of the table 😛 we were the ones who hold off the table, Aziz has his 12 pix camera, nasser throw funny comments as usual XD… and Eisa showing me the clothes in the walls…
got some pictures and eat my dinner, here where i got my surprise

they got me my second Birthday Cake, it was Eisa’s idea, well i knew he was doing it XD
i was so red loooooooooool, they brought a cream with a cherry in it and asked me to pick it up with my mouth and then they stuck the plate on my face and became Creamy Aizmov XD
that’s funny yeah, i invited everyone to dip into the cake they all dip in and when we got the the brownie me and saoud left dipping BoAhahahahaha i wish i still can dip that one it was DELICIOUS XD

PART11 ~ Gimme Gimme MORE Gimme MORE Gimme MORE ~
we got out and the PARTY CONTINUED, i don’t want to say the details it’s super private but it was ” HELL OF FUN ” and made me love Bretniy’s ” Gimme More ” more than before XD
we kept in there Chillin’ Up and Partying until we decided to go to some coffee

PART12 ~ point & play ~
ummmm, we got there and had a small arcade with some games in there, i got surprised with the guys Geography information, they were answering questions like ” what is this country ” so easy, to be honest i was watching nasser playing, and i answered only one question XD he got ummmm 10+ of them i don’t remember the exact number lolz…
i shefted to Yousef and Saoud’s arcade they were playing ” find the differance between the two pictures “… after that go called by saoud to watch on his laptop’s stuff !!!
here where we decided to go to the beach~ !!!

PART13 ~ our castel ~
yeah, our castel = the beach playground loooooooooooooooooooooooool
we went to the playground and kept jumping there and here YEAH LET’S PARTY
i got pictures BoAhahahaha, PRIVATE PRIVATE XD
i remember talking with faisal about the atmosphere, yeah i really loved it
and then talking with saoud about different stuff while we were walking around the beach
then we gathered in the playground chairs and kept talking about collection of topics until 6 AM when everyone decided to leave…
saoud didn’t want to leave so i decdied to stay with him if he is going to get meh back to the hotel 😀
i stayed with saoud about one more hour chit chating and stuff about the life in KSA and the places i visited in Q8 and he recommanded me to go to ” The Avenus ” or i will be considered like i didn’t go to Q8

PART14 ~ before i fall asleep ~
i was thinking, when the last time i had fun like this XD
ummmm, yeah before Sara’s death, when i was with Fahad’s gang all around lolz
but honestly, i guess this is my second best Birthday since BoA’s Arena Tour 2005 gift O_O
i will sleep, tomorrow is another day

PART15 ~ Another Day ~
i will shortage this
– woke up 12 PM and went to have lunch with Eisa, Yousef and Hammad in The Avenus
– we went shpoing and i bought some cool stuff nyahaha
– i saw Eisa’s hood lolz i like it >_>
– I went to Eisa’s house and got to see his collections 😀
– we went back to TCHE TCHE then had dinner at Bufflo’s
– the salt trick was so claver from saoud, hard luck Nasser lol
– i ended up my day saying goodbye to everyone one T_T, didn’t get the chance to end it up well with saoud but this is not like the last time i will go there inshallah XD

yeah people who knew me in the past 6 months knew what i faced !!!
and i think they should know that i got backed up THANKS FOR THE PEOPLE OF Q8 ^__^
they were so so sooooooooooooo hostable, i didn’t even spend 0.00001$ they were paying off all the time, well i will repay this they just have to wait a little more 😛
well i have to conclude this now

PART17 ~ The Gang ~
well here is what everyone is waiting for, what i think about everything lolz

Yousef Bounty ” The Butterfly “ : why Butterfly ?!!! well when you see a butterfly flying what you will do ?!!! smile for sure then try to catch it, that’s how Yousef is, when you see him he gives you the argue to smile, not like some other people who you see and want to hit him with your head >_>, he was our DJ in most of the rides and i think i ride with him all the times, expecte the one i went with saoud on it…

Eisa ” The Watcher “ : lol this came from him being watching after me, this guy is deh best, i mean he was like ” feras try this ” ” try that ” ” do this ” ” look at this ” this is how hostablity defined, went to his house and saw his room 😀 now i know how Eisa really live, and i really love to know how my friends live and their actual life style ^__^… he was the one behind the second cake idea XD, god bless ya Eisa ^_^

Faisal m7taram ” The White Hearted “ : it’s just seems like that >_>, before Eisa he was the one looking after meh, and he was the one behind the first cake idea, he got my back most of the times and he was the one asking questions everytime, well his personalty is much more different in MSN, i loved the real life Faisal XD, i have to see you more next time i come ^__^

Saoud ” The Spotlight ” : like a spot light in the dark, when it is lighting up, you look towards it, that’s how saoud is, am so sad i didn’t get to goodbye him like the other guys but this is as i said not the last time i go to Q8, i think i talked with him more than the others lol, nice, kind, honest, everything guy lolz, and because i just knew this guy i don’t know him from along time like the others, he didn’t give me the feeling of not knowing him, i really hope to get to know him more via MSN and so, god lighten your road dude 😀

Faisal Ash ” The Calm “ : if you still laughing about that nickname STOP NOW, well really this is the impression i got i don’t care >_>, he was so calm >_>, and i mean it >_> no i really mean it, i really really mean it <<< OK OK WE KNOW NOW >_>
he is TOTALLY different than the MSN Ash XD, i told him that, the real life Ash is much better :D, nice guy and insist on say calm i don’t care :P, hey dude, remember to put BoA in you iPod next time or i will get angry 😛

Aziz ” The Camera Man “ : when i saw his 12 pix camera i know what kind of guys he is, Ibrahem fedo yuri mixed style XD, for sorry i didn’t see his taste of picturing or the picture he took, or i would introduce him to Yuri they both seems to love picturing alot… yo dude ya cool and keep picturing HOT i have to see some pics of yours i have some guys who love to get picture i may hook you up with them XD

Nasser ” The Show Star “ : how is the show without a star ?!!!, lol i can write another blog about this guy XD, he makes me laugh all the time, dis boy is so hyper XD…
i had a misunderstanding with him while ago but now i know that i was super mistaken 😀
yo dude keep it up, unique and FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, till i see you again :D, btw he is a nice dancer,,, next time i come i will show you MY MOVES so start to learn new ones 😛

Mahmoud ” The Unexpected “ : it comes from the first impression, i though he was shorty but i found out he is taaaaall XD, good guy really, and he has his own personalty, i saw him once like faisal but we didn’t talk about the things we used to talk about normally, but at least i got to see him BoAhahahaha, go ahead medo ^__^

Hamad ” The Water “ : like a water easy to go along with him, first day i saw him he was in rush, but the second day we stuck together for half a day, we got to be shopping together, i really love how he ask us of his outfits… thanks for the shopping spin dude, keept it up 😀

Yousef ” The Ant “ : it came from his group not me 😛 they call him like that ^__^..
nice guy, dude i like your d3awee XD, you gotta teach me some of them later on XD, keep going on 😀

Abdullah ” The Positive “ : this guy is so positive >_>, so so so positive, he tried something then he turn from trail to something else 😛 nice guy white hearted and all he knows what i think of him b4 because i know him from long long long time XD

All in All: i was so happy to meet them all, they are like a perfect hit on the Billboard charts and Oricon charts together <<< HUH ?!!
i didn’t even felt like foreigner between and like Abdullah and Aziz said ” we feel like you are one of the group ” DoAhahahaha thanks guys ^__^
and i promise to visit you once again 😀
LOVE YA ALL, HIT UP HIT UP… and just wait till i come back 😛
god bless you all ^_^
rest in peace <<<< looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool XD

(( until i got approved from everyone to publish the pictures i won’t publish them now, maybe in another topic later on after they got photoshoped ))


17 Responses to ~ Q8 Special Trip ~

  1. CBloss says:

    LOL!!! You became creamy, huh? Sneaky people! 😉

    Awesome! Sounds like you have been extremely busy~! Lucky duck! ^_^

  2. aizmov says:

    lol i still smell/taste the cream XD
    yeah i was super busy + super happy it was fun 😀

  3. Ms.受けるほうの says:

    nice trip sweet boy
    we need pix

  4. aizmov says:

    seems pictures got some demand lol
    i got 2 private e-mails about them
    gotta edit them soon and post them ^__^
    thanks for your comment 😀

  5. ns says:

    I’m confuse , Didn’t u say ur going to London not Kuwait !!?

  6. ello42 says:

    pictures !~~!

    sweet trip 😀

  7. aizmov says:

    ns, yes it is as you said, the plan was: we go to Q8 for 3 days then i leave with my father to london for another 4 days ((you know we have 1 week left))
    but i decided not to go to london, well my family were angry because we could have stayed in Q8 for longer time if i cancled the london trip earlier XD

    ello42: thanks, i guess the demans is raising XD pictures so soon ^__^

  8. Tidus says:

    hey hey hey xD
    only one thing coz i got everything from talking on mobile”s” xD


    laterz 😀

  9. aizmov says:

    i hate you, go AWAY ^__^

  10. Tidus says:

    not my fault that you came in a kinda bad time ;;

    btw i hate you too xD

  11. aizmov says:

    s3or mtbadal… i didn’t come in bad time, it’s EID 😛

  12. water says:

    i’m hot.

  13. aizmov says:

    no no not just lol
    who the hell are you XD ?!!!

  14. Kenji says:

    yeah, I would agree that Eissa is a really great dude.

    oh and I am hot too, not only you water :p

  15. aizmov says:

    Kenji and Water you know each other >_>
    then ok i am HOT three >_>

  16. Kenji says:

    No I don’t lol. legafa 😛

  17. aizmov says:

    loooooooooool 3leek bas 😛
    i think he/she is a spamer XD

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