~ Q8 2007 Pictures ~

dum te dum te dum dum dum,,, finally posting the pictures of the trip hehe, this is the first time to see my dun-te-dun face in here lolz,,, if you didn’t see your picture here and you were in the trip that means i didn’t get your approval eh… so let’s start,,, i had to photoshop some pictures but nothing special though,,,, i was busy ,,, ((english readers you can ignore this writings)) oo ra7 akteb bel 3arabi 3lashan marah wa7dah elta3le8at te6la3 fallah, 9war 9’3ar la2na msa7at elblog ma tkafeee 



Marina Mall Port >___> OMGZ WZH I LOVE IT, god bless the one who took the pictures 😛 | elwajhah elba7ryah fee elmarina, yalahweeee 7bet-haaaaaaaaaaa tslm eed ely 9awarha 😛


like my mother said, I LOVE TO GET PICTURE OF WALLS LOL | methel ma 8alat elwaldaaaah ana moteeee a9awer jedraaaaan XD


no bikes, no dogs, where is NO CARS 😛 ?!!! | mmno3 alsyakel, mmno3 elklab, weeeeeeeen mmno3 elsyarat 😛 ?!!!


another sign, but i knew the KIE isn’t writteng like that or am i mistaken >_> ?!!! | wallah men elf’9awah a9wer lo7at m6a3em XD


lol i LOVE the logo, for new resturant there | logo ma63am jdeed fee elrayah 7betah a7sah y8ool ed5el elm63am ekl wla ra7 akser rask XD


my sun glasses, it’s my birthday gift from my mother | hadyat elwaldah 3lshan 3eed meladiii ba3ad Dior meen 8adee XD




from left up: Eisa, Abdullah, MEH, Aziz, Yousef, Faisal,,, from left down: Saoud and Yousef | lol el-groooooop fe 9orah XD


Eisa and Hammad with film grin lol they look different XD | 3awaaaaas oo 7amad fee TCHE TCHE 3isa 6alee3 ‘3eeeer XD


the hard rock where i got my second cake, lol let’s get this car down | shbaaab ma t3zmooooon yom n6ayee7 elsyarah XD


so DARK, feels DARKULAISH | fe9al 6ale3 weld 3am Drakula hinaaaaaa, a7ees enah ytwa7ash b3d elsa3ah 12 belel XD


little trick with photoshop, he is saod BTW | sedooooooooooo <<< ma ya3ref ydale3 a7ad hatha XD, 3ndee el9orah bdoon ta3del ^__^


Me and Eisa, how cute 😛 | wa5roooooooooo 3ana, ana oo 3awaaaaaaaaaaaas t7s 7adaaaaaaaaah mstanseeen XD


my cake after the TYPHONE | el-keekah ba3d el-e39ar looooool XD


i liked the picture of him taking over the cake so i made this comment | 3jbatnee el9orah s3oud mtwa7ed fel el-keekah 3ad saweet feha t3lee8 XD


Aziz, i like the emotion behind how it’s moving, and he is stay still, lol it’s natural i didn’t photoshop it 😛 | fallah el5alfyah elmot7arekah wara XD


me and saoud old style photoshop, yay i look wierd XD | shakleee maraaaaaaaaah 6ale3 y’9a7ek, el9rah kanha mn snat jadeee XD



Aziz and Faisal, the picture wasn’t clear so i pincelized it 😛 | el9war ma kanat wa’97ah bas rahebah 8lt al3ab feha shway XD


our castel 😛 want to join us | LOL elshabbab 7msoony a3zemhom elshaleeh 3ndna, feeh 8l3ah rahebah hnak XD


i like the view >_> 6 AM in the morning | s3ood 9awarha 7lo elman’6ar XD


I LOVED THIS VEIW, i want to go there ans sit for hours >_> | 7beeeeeeeeet elman’6aaaaaaaaaaaaaar abeee aro7 hnak ajles belsa3at T_T,, yousef 9awarha hatheee



it’s me right after i arrived i was trying my new winter stuff, i look cool right YO! | loool shraykoom kash5ah staaaaaaayle 9a7 ?!!! XD


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  1. Imogen says:

    LOL make love to my face

  2. aizmov says:


  3. There is certainly a lot to find out about this subject.
    I really like all the points you made.

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