~ Slow Updates ~

although i have a large list of ( to be uploaded ) stuff right infront of me inculedes ” Koda Kumi, BoA, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, OLIVIA, Namie Amuro, Mai Kuraki, Nell, Lexy, ZEEBRA, MizRock and more others ” but unfortunatly i just received my exams timing and surprisengly they push up my exams to be next week 5 exams in raw O___O

i won’t be free-all-the-time but i promise i will try to put some in the upcoming days ^__^

and i promise to have ” after-exams ” special for you with many downloads for all tastes 😛 but that won’t be before 2nd of November ^__^

wish me luck guys ^__^


2 Responses to ~ Slow Updates ~

  1. TLFantasy says:

    Good luck, buddy.

  2. aizmov says:

    sanks 😀
    though i just got the news of sepreating the exams ^__^
    but still need to hard work out my face >_>

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