NEW JLO STUFF ~ Gift To Zyerie :D ~

me and Zyerie seems JLO fans :D, so i give these 2 reviews + song to Zyerie, and everyone else for sure lol 😀

JLO – Frozen Moments:

this single song is a part of her album Brave, but it was Pre-ordered Bonuce from iTune so it wan’t in the CD i uplaod and yes, i am really angry because this song wasn’t in the album it’s soooooooooooooo beautiful >_>,,, this song starts with a wierd beat cracks and then truns in to be a powerful R&B Ballad with unique beats,,, nice lyrics, GO JLO

Rate: 9/10 – Download Link

Santana ft. JLO – This Boy’s Fire:

this is a collabe between the guitarest Santana and the singer JLO, their first collabe, it’s R&B guitartized song lol, i really like it 😀

Rate: 8/10 – Download Link 


10 Responses to NEW JLO STUFF ~ Gift To Zyerie :D ~

  1. Kenji says:

    I used to be a fan of her, not anymore -no reasons. I’ll check the links now, missing the ol’ school JLo.

  2. aizmov says:

    ol’ school JLO the one used to be as in ” On the Sex ” ?!!!
    well, i love the HIP HOP JLO…
    I’m Glad was the song that made me her fan lol
    though i was listening to her long time b4 that 🙂

  3. Kenji says:

    yeah, ‘On the sex’ was fantastic at the time. I like ‘Step into my world’ a lot, it’s lyrically brilliant and rhythmically outrageous.

  4. Zyerie says:

    wakakak….gift ^^
    thanks alot…
    yeah…i’ve listen to da songs..
    they’re nice^^ love it!

    and Santana for collaboration?^^
    gotta hear dat..and i like dat FRoZ momento^^
    thanks alot bro^^

    Ps..and am listening to J-Lo & J-walk (korean)..^^and trying to find their instrumental version..?! do we have it?^^

  5. Zyerie says:

    btw…am going to make da mobile tones too…
    just wait …i’ll upload that asap

  6. Zyerie says:

    hey Aizmov!!! try this mobile tone from
    J-Lo Frozen Moment…
    i name it as Fromento^^

    check this out..^^

    ps..any one could tell me who is the singer of this?
    thanks yo^^

  7. aizmov says:

    Kenji, um tried brave ?!!!! not bad though had some songs with great lyrics, try it in the Amarican Music section 😀

    Zyerie, cooool 😀 thanks in progress 😀

  8. aizmov says:

    Zyerie you are the BEST TONE MAKER 😀
    momento is COOOOOOOOOOOOOL
    i put it my ring tone directly 😀
    it RAWKS 😀
    for the song you were asking about it’s Ride On for Tohoshinki from thier single SHINE/Ride On, you want me to uplaod the full version ?!!!

  9. Zyerie says:

    wahahha…good^^..glad you like them…^^

    oh..i mean i know that one is Ride on..
    but dat one is english song..
    have you listened to the lyrics?
    i wonder who the singer is… currently Listening to J-walk..
    ever heard bout them? their songs are nice..^^
    and am looking for the instrumental music..
    wanna try dat song..i can upload dat song if you want? 🙂

  10. aizmov says:

    oh the english one, according to a DBSK fan ((commenting here as Borken Dust)) this song in english is just a demo for Ride On, from some people called DMB, they are not official or having any albums…
    about J-walk i’ve never heard of them, iw’d like to 😀

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