~ AnyBand CM ~ ((BoA’s New CM))

here is the CM for the long waitied AnyBand that’s starring BoA, Xiah and Tablo,,, the CM will be long, ((between 15 ~ 30 mins)) and from the preview it looks COOOL

over here : http://www.anycall.com/event/anyband/fla/mv60s.swf



6 Responses to ~ AnyBand CM ~ ((BoA’s New CM))

  1. Broken_Dust says:

    The song gave me the “Do As Infinity” feeling, cheerful rock song, female vocal, male backup vocal + guitar.

    Tomorrow we’ll see Hyolee pulling BoA’s hair lol XD

    Rock on Xiah ❤

  2. aizmov says:

    lol at Hyolee, i want to see BoA acting 😛

  3. CBloss says:

    Wow! I am SO excited for this! I’m kind of confused on what it’s about though (I’m such a blonde :P) So what is this AnyBand thing?

  4. aizmov says:

    it’s a mobile CM 😛
    the mobile called AnyCall XD

  5. CBloss says:

    Really? I had a feeling it was something that had to do with their phones. Funky ^^

  6. Zyerie says:

    gee…i like their mobile phone but seems that i cant buy it in my country..T_________T

    but this time i guess the CF is absolutely cool..
    so different with the previous CF by other stars..^^

    i like it!! wow…can’t wait to have the full version of
    da song, sang by Junsoo n BoA right?^^

    ahh…gonna wait!!!

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