BoA will make you 「Lose Your Mind」


BoA‘s 24th Japanese Single’s name is finally revealed! Lose Your Mind feat.Yutaka Furukawa from Doping Panda.

Dopin Panda is a  Japanese Rock Band that debuted in 1997 as an Indie rock band. The song 「Lose Your Mind」 is said to be strong, edgy and energetic. The song will be coupled with a B-Side, the famous 「Smile Again」 which is the theme song to the mystery drama Doyo Wide Gekijo in TV Asahi.

Neither covers no tracklists have been released yet. But Stay tuned!



3 Responses to BoA will make you 「Lose Your Mind」

  1. aizmov says:

    ummmm i didn’t look at Doping Panda’s discography so far…
    but i will give them a try, but while they are rock band i am so suspecious about LOSE YOUR MIND, well i LOVE the title, MUCH BETTER THAN SWEET IMPACT, yeah lose your mind, but it gives me the feeling that it is like MFL-O’s songs which i am not really in the mode of listening to another Love Bug while we have Hey Boy Hey Girl with SEAMO ((uplaoding the MV for the blog now))
    they are not RAP singers ((i mean Dopings )) that makes a song like Revolution Code : 1986-1105 impossible lol XD

  2. metoo! says:

    I get the bad feeling too…

    WT*…doping panda…NEVER heard of them…

    and they’re ROCK!!?? i found out after i searched…

    i was like…ROCK and…BOA??? = ?…

    so i don’t think it will be a LADY GALAXY or an

    OUTGROW ready butterfly song…


    why can’t singers in Japan and Korea be on one road?

    i mean…look at britney’s blackout…

    11 hard songs…and the 12 track is a normal ballad like

    i’m getting unhappy with all the happy happy

    NANAIRONO ASHITA songs…lol

    more of GIRLS ON TOP!!! 😦

  3. aizmov says:

    i heard thier work with MFL-O they can sing rap loooooool XD
    and not the whole band ar ein there just one of them XD
    well, i didn’t like Britney’s album though i don’t know why ((PS: i am Gimme More Addicted))…
    but let’s just hope the BoA will make us happy
    though i am looking forward to AnyBand song much more than this >_>

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