~ AnyShare ~

got this idea from kinda long time… but it’s hard to work on it with a blog like this
because there is no such a ” sticky topic ” lol
but simply this topic for us to share media stuff
if you feel like uplaoding a song, a piece of music, a news or even a request you can feel free to post here
and i think it’s easy to find this topic while it has it’s independent catagory so let the share spirit spread 😀


6 Responses to ~ AnyShare ~

  1. sclover says:

    how do u upload a song? ?__?

  2. sclover says:

    BTW I KNW A LOT OF FACTS ON DBSK .. like 100 Q’s on jaejoong and like 40 on DBSK

  3. aizmov says:

    you can use: http://www.mediafire.com
    or http://www.zshare.net to uplaod songs ^_^
    about 100 Questions i heard about it from a friend but i don’t really know what is it all about >_>

  4. sclover says:

    tks for the web/..
    alrighty then heres the
    100 Q’s asked to Jaejoong ^__^

    1.) Name: Kim Jaejoong
    2.) Birthdate: January 26
    3.) Address: Someplace in Seoul
    4.) Blood type: O
    5.) Height: 177 cm
    6.) Weight: 63 kg
    7.) Shoe size: 275 mm
    8.) Personality: Bright I guess? (People say I don’t have a very good first impression.)
    9.) Dream: To be a famous and respected singer, and to have my name remembered for a while.
    10.) Specialties: Singing, Staying awake, walking, thinking, playing and playing the 3.6.9 game.
    11.) Hobbies: My specialties are my hobbies
    12.) My idol: A person like HK
    13.) Celebrities you likes: MILK’s Yumi, Shinhwa’s Junjin, Yoo Youngjin, Hwanhee, Hweesung.
    14.) Fav Flower: Lily
    15.) I want to go out with this kind of person: HK
    16.) Fav. Fruit: Bananas and apples
    17.) People you don like: Someone who thinks he/she is all that.
    18.) Fav comic book: I like most of the ones I read but my absolute fav is DRAGON BALL!
    19.) What I worried about: Secret
    20.) Sleeping out: I’ll let you make up it on your own.
    21.) Alcohol tolerance: around 4 bottles, but depends how fast I drink them
    22.) First love: First year of MS
    23.) Someone I respect: parents, Yoo Youngjin, Hwanhee and Hyesung
    24.) Sport I good at: Running
    25.) Fav song: I have too many
    26.) Number of blind dates youe gone on: 3
    27.) When I look the best: When I’ve stayed up for a day
    28.) Person I’ve liked the best out of all the people I’ve gone out with: ?hm?
    29.) Fav number: 2 and 7
    30.) Prized Possession: my parents
    31.) Lowest ranking: what do you mean?
    32.) Religion: atheist
    33.) What I think when looking in the mirror: MOMMY!
    34.) Fav color: black and white
    35.) Good thing about myself: I’m nice, but I think my first impression IS bad.
    36.) Bad thing about myself: my first impression is bad.
    37.) Drinking habits: I think a lot of myself
    39.) On a rainy day I want to go outside and get wet: No~! I want to sleep
    40.) Things I cook well: I’m good at cooking in general.
    41.) Something I want to do right now: I want to go home and wash up.
    42.) Foreign language I good at: Chinese
    43.) Something I want to do with the person I love: Walk near the river holding hands.
    44.) A present I want to give the person I love: A piggyback ride near the river.
    45.) Things I want: I have too much I want.
    46.) If you met a boyfriend from the past: ?boyfriend??
    47.) A present I want to receive from the person I love: Love and more love!
    48.) Phone greeting: I can’t type in what I want. I broke it.
    49.) Ringtone: TT_TT
    50.) Caller rings: TT0TT!!
    51.) If you found 1 million dollars on the road: I’ll leave a 1000 dollars and pick up the rest to save.
    52.) Habits: thinking, laying down.
    53.) Sleeping habits: I sleep on my belly.
    54.) What I wearing as of now: White beater and jeans.
    55.) I want to die when: I don’t have the nerve in me to kill myself so I think I’d just go one suffering.
    56.) Something I want to do right now: I want to debut!
    56.) How many times have you received flowers from a person of the different gender: Do you mean given: is this a quiz for girls?
    57.) Where I want surgery: ? what?
    58.) My charm: If I get closer to someone, that person can depend on me.
    59.) What people think of me: It’s all different.
    60.) Someone I say a lot: Let’s save!!!
    61.) What I’m scared of: cockroaches
    62.) When I was most hurt: When I had a Jangyum
    63.) When I feel the happiest: When I say something nice to my parents.
    64.) What I do when I scared: I sing.
    65.) When have you given chocolates to someone for valentines day: once in MS.
    66.) What I do when I stressed: I listen to music.
    67.) What I like to eat when I drink: Soup and casseroles.
    68.) What I do when I’m mad: I hit things!!!
    69.) Things I can’t eat: Dog.
    70.) Time I get to school: ?
    71.) Something I want to learn: acting.
    72.) What I do when there is someone I don’t like: Ignore them.
    73.) When I was the happiest in my life: When I had my first rehearsal in SM.
    74.) What I think of money: It doesn’t grow on trees.
    75.) If the person you love ended up loving someone else: I’ll let them go because there must be something they don’t like about me.
    76.) Most recent time I cried: ??
    77.) Sunshine or Moonlight: Moonlight.
    78.) First kiss: 6th year of EM.
    79.) If someone I broke up with wanted to get back: I’ll think about it.
    80.) Favorite person of a different race I like: I like Koreans.
    81.) My most favorite thing I own: I guess my clothes.
    82.) How long I can wait for someone: 3 hours.
    83.) When I was most disappointed: too long to write down.
    84.) Your monthly allowance: 3 or 4 dollars.
    85.) Fav animals: Dogs.
    86.) Fav. Season: Spring
    87.) Most memorable date: ? hm?
    88.) What I look at when I look at someone of the other gender: Everything.
    90.) Nicknames: Boojaejoong.
    92.) Love is?: ? …like a drug.
    93.) When I know the person I love has changed: When the things they do change.
    94.) What I don’t like when I’m going out with someone: …?
    95.) What I like the most about myself: Skin
    96.) A wish for this year: I hope everything I do ends up well.
    100.) Last thing you want to say: I’m done! I can finally go home.

  5. aizmov says:

    ^thanks for sharing this ^^
    i am making a small review about it ^^
    gonna share the whole thing ^^
    i don’t like the song though they had better ballad before 😦

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