~ AnyBand Single ~ (Review)

~ AnyBand Single ~ (Review + Download)


BoA’s strongest return to Korea since girls on top !!! HELL YES
and what a return, though it’s not that much of return i mean it’s not a full album, but just like i said to one of my friends this things came directly from the world ” Miracle “…

TPL ” Talk, Play, Love “:
this song is the SEX, a good piano start, though it will be ballad but when the electo feeling got in ” ANYWHERE YOU GO ANYWHERE YOU I WILL BE THERE ” i started to move my shoulder, BoA enters after that i was like ” HELLA GURL MOVE GO MOVE ” Xiah did well done job as well as the rap with Tablo, but what makes it miracle is when the bridge starts and she starts ” LET’S GOOOOOOOOO ” i went to the other side of the word and start flying, then she start screaming with Xiah and OMG again i reached the outter space O__O
this is hella song O__O

Rating: 9.9/10 <<< highest rating in my blog so far

Promise You:
a nice punk rock song, i don’t have alot to say about it, i dont actually understand Korean lol, but the melody gives you a nice feeling and a cheerful flavor
good job ANYBAND 😉

Rating: 8.5/1


26 Responses to ~ AnyBand Single ~ (Review)

  1. TLFantasy says:

    Nice song, but it’s not superb as you’re saying >.>

    The parts I like are BoA’s when the music turns to piano, Xiah’s rap one.
    Well, the last min of it was good, too.

    The chorus is stupid -_-.. It could be better.

    I see you rated it 9.9! just add 0.1 xD.. DON’T BE STINGY! ;P

  2. aizmov says:

    Xiah didn’t rap ^__^

  3. Kiiroi says:

    I love BoA so much. I also LOVE the ad and the songs, they are beautiful. I like Promise U and I think that these songs are very meaningful 😀

  4. ns says:

    that just prove to me that BoA in korean is better than JP cuz in JP she’s too j-pop but in korean she can mix many styles XD ,, that’s how i see it ! but in the band the one who rock 4 me is Tablo !!! that guy ROCK !!!!!

  5. TLFantasy says:


    I meant Tablo.

  6. CBloss says:

    LOL! ^^ It’s funny. I think I’m backwards. ^^; I love the other song, Promise You. Like i said…..i think i’m backwards

  7. sclover says:

    TABLO?? ?__?
    who the heck
    is that band/ he/she/it?

  8. sclover says:

    nebody knw who is BIG BANG?

  9. Zyerie says:

    hey..Both song are definitely nice…
    but i prefer Promise you…
    love Xiah’s voice very much..

    Tablo is from The Epik High

    Big bang is another Korean Pop Boyband
    got no connection with this CF anyway..^^

    Aizmov..guys…check my tones…
    love these…
    From Promise you

  10. aizmov says:

    as always i LOVE your ring tones Zyerie they are the best 😀
    *assign TPL one for a special guy ^^*

  11. TLFantasy says:

    Great ring tones!
    The last one is TEH BEST! 😀

  12. karimu says:

    I actually like Promise U more than TPL.I love the piano intro of TPL but then it was ruined by the stupid “ANYWHERE YOU GO ANYWHERE YOU I WILL BE THERE. The chorus is bland and repetitive in my honest opinion though the real strength of the song is in the middle. 8/10

    Promise U is <333, it sounds like a Disney song though, but it’s definitely not crap. Very nice song. 8.5/10

  13. aizmov says:

    your first comment in a month
    well, wha ti like about TPL is its repetivtiy >_>
    i keep walking in the univeristy halls with my iPod on and say ” ANYWHERE YOU GO ANYWHERE YOU GO ” this song rox XD

  14. TLFantasy says:

    just like what I said! The same rating, either.
    Karimu, you’re my friend! xD

    About Promice U..
    Actually, it’s much better than TPL! V.Nice.

    BTW, the MV is greeeeat.. I’m lovin’ it!

  15. aizmov says:

    the only thing i hate about the songs that i can’t sing along but the repeative part you hate !!!
    yes i do understand japanese and i got used to sing with BoA all the time because of her flow of japanese songs the past 2 years >_>
    but in this song i just say ANYWHERE YOU GO and medlody yeah lol XD

  16. rina says:

    AWESOME song! for me it’s 10/10. *^^*
    i’m really new at k-fandom so i’m gonna ask a stupid Q. is there actual anyband CD single for sale or is it online thing? if so where can i buy it?


  17. aizmov says:

    unfortuinatly, there is no such a HARD CD for this single
    it’s online distrebution ONLY and you have to be Korean with a civilian ID to buy them >_<;

  18. eunmin9 says:

    zyerie, thanks for sharing the ringtones!!^^
    i love it^^
    if i post your files anywhere, i should give credits that link to your site? thanks^^

  19. eunmin9 says:

    ehh..or to you individually…^^

  20. Zyerie says:

    eunmin^^…that credits?
    ehn..just zyerie~Obettone@TVXQINDO.COM and this nice place too^^
    just that….
    I’m glad that you like them yoo^^

  21. emely says:

    i really liked this single.
    so i invited A LOT of people to come and check it out.
    so if your download ratings go up,thats my fault.
    sorry,i think. i dont really know.
    I really like TPL. it is the awesomeness of amazingness.

  22. Rox says:

    Hey dose anyone knoe where i could get this CD It is Al-some..!

  23. erica says:

    personally i love promise you too.=DD

  24. sorry, where is rss feed of your blog?

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