~ The Mathimatical Problem ~

this one insane incident happened at the university today, i ran of my friend Abdullah i call him ” The Cool ABD ” because i have like 394857984579483 Abdullah that i know in my life lolz…
anywayz, he told me that he got some mathematical problem of a course i previously took last semester and wanted my help in it… so i sat down and looked at it, looked familiar but it was manipulated O_O…
I turned it RIGHT, then LEFT, back to RIGHT, UP SIDE DOWN, OMG this thing is not going to be solved,,, here where someone i know who is hella smart passed by i shouted at him he came…
he turned it RIGHT, then LEFT, LEFT again, NO CLUE
this guy called another guys which called another one
people started to call Friends via cell-phones to find out the solution
at the end we were like 8 people at a rounded table discussing the problem XD
some people used computers and laptops and modified calculators and Algebra programs

i pulled back i snapped out my mobile divided the number on 16 then added the reminder to the original number and i got the answer that’s written in the back of the book…
i started to laugh XD
they were amazed, i kept laughing the hell out of my mind XD
when i calmed down, i told them about it and they were like they want to kill Abdullah XD
i kept laughing about this for the rest of the day XD
you have to see the looks on their faces when i showed them the way XD


One Response to ~ The Mathimatical Problem ~

  1. CBloss says:

    LOL! Nice~! It just makes me giggle. A whole lot of people with their expensive tools and then you use something so simple and BAM! It’s solved. ^^;

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