BoA – LOSE YOUR MIND SINGLE ~ Reveiw + Download + MV ~

LOSE YOUR MIND SINGLE ~ Reveiw + Download + MV ~

here we are again with BoA, and her hottest Video this year LOSE YOUR MIND
sincei heard the title ” LOSE YOUR MIND ” i know that i was getting a Dakishimeru flavor song which made me happy and jumping around myself…
and then the covers cames i knew that the single will be HOT and it is HOT

the song starts with that wierd sound ” dodon dodon dodon dodon ” which i REALLY LOVE it gives the song that falvorious of uniqness style, BoA starts singing with a HOT style pushing off words that will attract your ears with big deal of attention, she getting in the chourse after that, lol i love the english there ” LOSE YOUR MIND, MAKE ME WILD, BOYS DON’T KNOW WHAT THE GIRLS WANT ” this was awsome lolz, after the main chourse there is the bell and rock part which i really want to jump and dance with it anytime i am allowed to, she gets in the second part with the noticable and COOL 24/7 word she is saying, and don’t let me start talking about the ” OO OOO OO ” part i want to keep it going over and over, DOPING BANDA’s coollaporation which i hate at the start but after hearing the song twice i got used to it, it is ADDICTIVE, the finishing of the song was good, i don’t know some people said she didn’t make the high tones right but for me i LOVED them… yeah i will see some people saying the sone is repitiative, but yalls, repitiativation = addiction these days, i.e. Rihanna’s Umbrella and Avril’s Girlfriend…
Rating: 9/10
Download Link

i heard it once, i heard it twice, boring boring boring, well the lyrics are nice but the melody is boring, BoA like made this type of songs like 10000 times ((Kimi ni Tonari De, OURLOVE, LONG TIME NO SEE)) but they are kinda better than this one, well the only thing i like about this song is the ending vocals, it was GOOD enough to give the feeling that i didn’t waste my time hearing it, well i know it’s type of songs TLFantasy loves lol but it’s not mine, though i love BoA’s Ballad alot, but i just finished a CD that i will upload in here called ” BoA’s Ballad for Winter ” and am not going to include this song in there, well not bad…
Rating: 7/10
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OK, this is her best MV since, ummm Everlasting lol XD
when the MV started and she came up with these blacked out eyes i was like ” OMG BoA brought her Korean style in “… SEXY SEXY SEXY DANGEROUSLY SEXY WATCH OUT… she started to dance i started to shout ” THE HAIR THE HAIR EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF HER HAIR IS DANCING ” then she started getting her jacket off i shouted again ” GO GUUUUUUUUURL ” then she got into the chair here where i fainted XD…
though this scene gets boring after the chair part, but she comes out with her yellow jacket and pink hat and start the hell out of me again with her dancing, and when the part of ” OO OOO OO ” came i think this was so unique i love how she did it in the pink dress and the wig XD… Doping Banda’s entrance wasn’t that good in the MV, and the ending of this MV was like ” OK MY HAIR ROX ” lol, i really enjoyed this one
Rating: 9.5/10
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19 Responses to BoA – LOSE YOUR MIND SINGLE ~ Reveiw + Download + MV ~

  1. TLFantasy says:

    Yes yes yes.. you got it right.

    She finally did it~ The MV is one of her best! It’s “One of a kind”.. Awesome.. just awesome.

    Her style, her dancing.. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Dunno how many times I watched it XD

  2. aizmov says:

    12 for me, i counted 🙂

  3. Dr. Tran says:

    ahhh thank you so much for uploading. i’ve been waiting for this single for a while!

  4. bisakor says:

    thanks for the upload and for sharing. ^^
    yeh, the Smile again song is so boring. 😦
    Lose your mind, rocks! haha
    BoA rocks!!!

  5. aizmov says:

    Cr.Train, your more than welcome 😉

    bisakor, you know what i started to like Smile Again, well i loved the lyrics ” only ” at first, now i love the vocals XD maybe i got used to it XD

  6. TLFantasy says:


    Simply, It fascinated you. 😉

  7. CBloss says:

    LOL! Had a little bit of a change of mind with Smile again, huh? Some songs have to grow on ya, I guess.

    Wow! Lose Your Mind is simply AWESOME! Definitely a different tune for her! *nods* The music video blew me away also! I don’t like the short hair though. ^^;

  8. ketoba says:

    arigatou ne

  9. David says:

    I love your review, it’s funny as hell haha, esp on the MV.

  10. aizmov says:

    thanks alot am glad that i actully can make people smile 😀

  11. […] LOSE YOUR MIND is the kind of the song that makes you want to get up and dance on your feet! Although BoA has lots of upbeat songs, this song is different from any of her previous works. It’s fun, it’s funky, it’s edgy. The song is filled with electric guitar chords & dance beats. The chorus is crazy & catchy, the fabulous bridge is provided by Yutaka Furukawa of the rock band DOPING PANDA, which adds flavor to the song. 9.5/10 […]

  12. Kyori Kaori says:

    Smile again rawks!~

  13. Astabassa-it says:

    The greatest web site on the net

  14. aizmov says:

    thanks alot =D

  15. aramankajang says:

    thanks a lot. i almost get it streaming from but i get the real mp3. thanks a lot.
    this song is catchy. the dance, the song, everithing.
    and i catch some impression that she is fans of michael jackson coz she in the end of song she said “yeah hu hu” just like michael did. plus on sweet impact mv, she take some part of scene from smooth criminal mv tha michael take it some years ago.

  16. aizmov says:

    one of her influence idols in music in Michael Jackson

  17. janeberryblue says:

    thanks for the MV!

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