~ One Single Smile ~ Day XX

One Single Smile ~ One Piece of Rice ~

The Single Tear has gone ?!!! who knows, yesterday was a GOOD day YEAH
from the time me and Ali at the bridge that was hilarious XD
the time we met Saoud then the time i was shouting and singing in the car XD
not to mention the dinner time XD
but what was best is the ” One Piece of Rice “, we were talking about Gifts giving and things that i have done earlier in Kuwait…
so i was attacking Ali that he didn’t give me anything, then he jumped ” forgot Malissia’s ?!!! ” i was OH SHIT RIGHT !!!
the guys around me ((Ahmed, Saoud and 3rd guy)) were looking at me like ” FERAS YOU GONE SO FAR HE BROUGHT YOU SOMETHING ?!!! “…
that’s when i jumped ” yeah yeah GUYS DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE BROUGHT ME “…
they said ” what ?
i said ” a piece of rice “, Saoud Jumped ” A PIECE OF RICE FROM MALISSIA “, Ahmed had a BIG ( ! ) on his face, i nodded
and then said with a tricky smile “ and my name was written in there “… Saoud was like ” AND YOUR NAME ON THE PIECE, THIS IS LIKE BEST GIFT EVER “, ahmed was like ” Yeah what do you need more it is A PIECE OF RICE with you name in there ” i said ” hell yeah
saoud said ” oh this is so big ” Ali was looking amazed and laughing along XD
here where i jumped saying ” and you know what? in the other side he wrote my best singer’s name ” saoud jumped amazed said ” ALSO THAT ? FERAS YOU GOT LIKE THE BEST GIFT EVAAAAAA ” then he jumped on ” you know what feras put it in a boiled water so you can get TWO PIECES OF RICE ” here where i flattered of laughter XD
oh yeah, this PIECE OR RICE is something to have alot to say about now everytime i see it XD


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