The Secret Works

i started to believe on The Law of Attraction that Rohanda Byine wrote in her book The Secret…
somehow i feel like i attract the bad and good things to me so fast just the way that it will reach the point where i overdo it !!!
I saw someone today for 7 times, well, we had problems with each other, well yes, Hyo
so, it got really annoying he even stopped and kept staring at me until my friend came and pull me…
if The Secret is true, then it proves ITSELF, wow, the power of mind is really great, it was like ” if that then this ” and HOPAAAAA he jumps on my face !!!
the problem is, i’m OK with it, wow the law of attraction works, but for him i am kinda stalking him eh ?!!!
am really confused and scared DUH, it’s not intentional or i meant to do it -.-;
man this is soooooooooo bad -.-;
i will talk more about The Secret soon in indivisual entry !!!


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